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Safe Summer Trucking Tips

May 4, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Summer is quickly approaching, and it is that time of the year when people enjoy various outdoor activities. So, naturally, one of the everyday activities that people do is outdoor summer trucking. However, staying safe in the summer while trucking has never been more straightforward. There are always some major safety issues to report. This article discusses safe summer trucking tips to consider. 1. Take Breaks From the Road Summer trucking can be pretty tiring, especially when the weather is hot. Take advantage of roadside parks and take a break from driving every few hours. It is also advisable to plan your routes to take breaks at regular intervals. This will give you some time to enjoy the sunny weather... View Article

How Should I Set Hot Shot Load Pay Rates?

April 8, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Hotshot trucking is a different type of freight shipping that involves using smaller hauling cars to transport or ship more time-sensitive loads and products to a specific location. Hotshot trucking has become famous for most transportation and manufacturing companies. Hotshot trucking uses medium-sized cars or trucks categorized into classes based on the type and weight of loads they can carry. Hotshot trucking is an excellent opportunity for shot truck drivers to make extra money as a part-time or side job. This blog will look at what hotshot truckers or drivers do and the amount of money they make on each drive. The Hotshot Trucking Rates  How much should I pay per mile for a hot shot trucking load as a... View Article

Heavy Haul Trucking: What You Need to Know

March 23, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Heavy-hauling trucking isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, amid a lot of economic volatility, heavy-haul trucking has become a lot more profitable and interesting to people from all walks of life. They look at the occupation as something that they could potentially earn a nice living from, and that bears itself out in the facts on the ground. The industry saw a 33% increase in revenue in 2017-2018, and projections at the time were that 2019 was going to be an incredibly strong year as well.  What Is Considered A Heavy Haul In Trucking? There are certain load restrictions the government puts in place to ensure everyone’s safety out on the road. A heavy haul is a load... View Article

Where is the Trucking Industry Headed?

March 17, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

The trucking industry never takes a break from changes, and new dynamics that come into play all the time. This is actually one of the most exciting things about the trucking industry for many people. They love how dynamic it is and how they are called upon to make changes to their routines and schedules when they need to accommodate how the industry is moving forward. We have some exciting updates on where it appears that the industry is headed in the near future, and we want to share these possibilities with you.  Where Is Trucking Heading?  Right now, trucking is very much on the mind of many people as they think about all the interesting changes coming down the pike... View Article

How the Truck Driver Shortage Is Affecting the Supply Chain

March 1, 2022 6:31 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates that 72 percent of all freight in the USA moves by trucks. Needless to say, truckers are a crucial part of our infrastructure. Without truckers, store shelves would be bare and we’d have to wait weeks for packages to show up at our doorsteps. Unfortunately, the ATA also estimates that there’s a shortage of 80,000 drivers in America. Why is there a shortage of truck drivers, and what can be done to reverse that downward trend? Continue reading to find out. Why is there a shortage of truck drivers? It’d be easier to solve the crisis if we could point to a single source of the shortage, but that’s not the case. Here are... View Article