What Does LTL Freight Shipping Mean in the Trucking Industry?

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If you have ever been around the shipping or trucking industry, then you have probably heard the term LTL thrown around, and perhaps often. What does LTL freight shipping mean in the trucking industry?

The official LTL freight shipping definition is "less than truckload," and refers to any shipments included in an LTL load. It is important to note that the term, LTL load, is in reference to any shipments or freight, not the trailer.  

Many trucking companies haul full truckloads of LTL shipments. So, when you hear the term LTL load, you will know it is either a partial or full truckload that contains LTL freight. In fact, it is ideal for trucking companies to pick up entire loads of LTL shipments. 

Preparing LTL Shipments and Load Considerations

There is more to LTL shipping that size, however, like preparing LTL shipments and loading considerations. When scheduling LTL loads, the proper dimensions count. Those dimensions ensure the loading of your freight and avoid additional fees. To be safe, round up to the next inch when measuring for LTL load scheduling.

Loading is another important consideration in the LTL shipping process. Dispatchers and shippers need accurate address and delivery information. Delays in LTL loads have the potential to create considerably more issues than full truckload shipments.

Accurate information also allows loaders to properly load the freight onto the trailer according to the truck’s delivery schedule. There are also many advantages and benefits of using LTL shipping services like Pro Delivery LLC.

Benefits of LTL Services

Typically, any load under 15,000 pounds is considered LTL freight. For a load or shipment weighing 1500 pounds, it isn’t feasible to pay full truckload rates, and it makes sense to pay less for those heavier LTL shipments too.

In addition to the obvious savings benefit of LTL shipments, LTL loads and direct LTL services offer less risk of delays, damages, or shipment issues. If you have a shipment that doesn’t require an entire trailer, LTL services are the smart and cost-effective choice.

Need LTL Services?

If you have a load that you need to be shipped and are looking for a reliable and proven LTL provider in the Houston area, we can help. Offering a variety of trucks in numerous sizes, we can pick up and deliver industrial pipes, oil tools, and other heavy hauling materials, and more. Contact us to learn more or to get an estimate for your next LTL shipment today.

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