The Different Types of Trucking Jobs

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If you’re interested in a trucking job or want to find a trucker that suits your needs, there are many options to consider. The following options are among the most popular careers, including driving heavy haulers, tankers, and much more. Understanding whether dry van trucking or flatbed trucking is right for you can help ensure a better investment.

Flatbed Trucker

A flatbed trucker hauls open-air trailers that handle awkward or oversized machines, vehicles, and goods. They need to understand things like straps, tarps, come-alongs, and chains. Flatbed trucking professionals often make more money than other truckers because they have to handle specialized hauls. When moving hazardous elements, they need a Class A CDL license and an H or ZX endorsement.

Dry Van Trucker

Dry van trucking includes moving dry, nonperishable, and easy-to-handle items in a rectangular trailer. Many first-time truckers start with this job because it doesn’t include challenging tankers or heavy haulers. While you’ll need a Class A CDL and an H endorsement when handling hazardous items, you rarely need other specialized training to start up in this position.

Tanker Trucker

Tanker truckers are often heavily in demand because they haul liquids and gasses in heavy haulers and tankers. Specialty skills in off-loading liquids and following transportation laws are required. You might haul food, fuel, chemicals, or even dry bulk items. You’ll need either a Class A or Class C CDL, with the latter useful for hazardous materials. N and X endorsements may also be required.

Heavy Haul Truckers

Heavy haulers are like flatbed trucks but haul unique items than those professionals. For example, they haul tow-level trailers, step-decks, flatbed trailers, lowboys, extendable trailers, and other heavy equipment. You typically need a Class A CDL and a heavy haul permit. The latter permit’s requirements typically vary depending on the state in which you live.

Refrigerated Freight Truckers

As you might expect, these professionals haul refrigerated items and need specialized trucks and skills that can keep their cargo safe. They mostly transport perishable food in their trucks, though they may also transport medicine. You typically need a Class A license for this job, though you may also operate some refrigerated trucks using a Class B CDL, depending on a few different factors.

Long-Haul Truckers

Long-haul or over-the-road truckers carry items from multiple coasts and typically require a week or more on the road to perform each trip. Some might even travel with more than one trucker to improve their travel time. These professionals may make more money because of the unique demands of this profession. Even better, you only need a Class A CDL to get started in this job.

Find the Trucking Job That Suits You

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