Freight Delivery & Heavy Hauling Trucking in Houston, TX

Though our primary fleet vehicles consist of flatbed trucks, our capabilities expand even further to ensure each and every one of our customers is getting the personalized level of service they need. To that end, Pro Delivery, LLC is pleased to also provide pickup and delivery services by way of pickup trucks with pipe racks, pickup trucks with mini floats (40ft) and 18-wheelers (third party).

Our full scope of fleet vehicles enables us to cover the spread when it comes to heavy haul trucking in Houston, Cypress, and Jersey Village, TX. Being able to rely on pickups for smaller deliveries and 18-wheelers for heavier loads gives us the ability to tailor our trucking capabilities and rates for each customer requiring service. This means a more efficient delivery, for a lower rate!

Always on-time, always reliable

Choosing Pro Delivery, LLC for freight delivery service in Houston, TX means making a choice for excellence at all times. Our drivers have years of experience under their belts and we’ve coordinated a team that places special emphasis on logistics and communication. The result is a load that’s always on-time.

All vehicles are equipped with two-way radios, alpha pages and mobile phones. Our excellent communication system enables us to track your order wherever it may be going. We’re quick to respond to questions and can always provide proof of delivery (POD).

Personable drivers

Nowhere else will you find a freight delivery service in Houston, TX that has the kind of personable drivers we do! Our staff includes more than 50 drivers who are all extremely customer-friendly. We even have regular clients who are in direct contact with a routine driver, creating an efficient level of autonomy and accountability that we encourage.

To see for yourself the versatile capabilities our heavy hauling trucking fleet brings to the table, contact us today at 281-469-4878. We’ll provide you with access to pickup trucks with pipe racks, pickup trucks with mini floats (40ft) and 18-wheelers (third party), to ensure your load is getting to where it needs to go, on time and in one piece. We’re also available for hot shot and flatbed trucking!