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Tips for Safe Summer Trucking in Houston, TX

April 9, 2018 5:39 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Summer is just around the corner. That means the highways will be filled with folks on family road trips and people just trying to get out of the city and enjoy the beautiful weather. As you’re aware, there will also be plenty of truck drivers out on the road making their regular deliveries. The following guide will help ensure truck drivers stay safe out on the road during the upcoming months: Watch for extreme weather: Sudden storms are a staple of summer weather. It can go from nice and sunny to dark and rainy in a matter of minutes. Thankfully, our meteorologists are usually pretty good at predicting when and where these storms will pop up. Be sure to always... View Article

The Difference Between Expedited Freight and Hot Shot Trucking in Houston, TX

March 26, 2018 5:39 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Getting goods from point A to point B is big business across the United States. We always want our things to reach their destination as quickly as possible. But there are some scenarios in which items absolutely must arrive both on time and undamaged. When that’s the case, companies often choose to either use expedited freight or a hot shot trucking service. Both forms of delivery will get your goods where they need to go as soon as possible, but they’re not the same. Continue reading to learn the difference between the two services and why you should always rely on Pro Delivery LLC for hot shot trucking in Houston, TX. The biggest difference between hot shot trucking and expedited... View Article

Five Things That Determine Freight Capacity

March 7, 2018 7:26 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

A good mantra for any business is “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” This especially can be said when talking about the looming freight capacity crisis. The inevitable freight capacity problem was predicted by logistics experts as early as 2014 and, while we have not experienced anything too concerning up to this point, things may come to a head before 2018 is over. Rather than be caught off guard and have the freight capacity issue affect your company’s assets and efficiency, it’s better to be prepared. As a company providing freight delivery in Houston, TX, we wanted to provide you with a list of five things that will determine freight capacity in 2018. Driver shortage As the... View Article

Dry Van, Refrigerated or Flatbed Shipping in Houston, TX: What Shipping Method Is Best for You?

February 21, 2018 7:26 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

No matter what line of business you’re in, you know that there can be a fine line between making a profit and taking a loss. Even small decisions about your day-to-day operations can make a huge difference in how successful and profitable you are. One of the more important decisions you need to make is choosing a shipping method. Having a successful shipping plan in place is essential to your business’ long-term success, but understanding the options that are available can seem overwhelming at first. To help make your decision a little easier, we decided to provide a quick overview of three methods of shipping: dry van, refrigerated and flatbed shipping in Houston, TX. Dry van shipping Dry van shipping... View Article

Five Common Questions About LTL Shipping: Info from an LTL Trucking Company in Houston, TX

January 5, 2018 8:06 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

LTL stands for “less than truckload.” Companies that do not have enough cargo to use an entire truck for their shipments can find LTL shippers to take their deliveries for them, along with cargo from other companies. Here are a few of the most common questions we receive at our LTL trucking company in Houston, TX about LTL shipping services. Q: How does LTL shipping differ from other forms of shipping and transport? Less than truckload (LTL) shipments typically weigh more than 100 pounds, heavy enough that they can be transported by a small parcel carrier but not large enough to the point that they need an entire truck dedicated to shipping them. LTL shipping allows for more consolidated shipments... View Article