Will New Technology Impact Hot Shot Trucking?

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Hot shot trucking is when a company needs to deliver freight fast and hires a freelance driver or one with a specialized service. The rigs are smaller—usually class 3-5 pickups—that are connected to a trailer and allow for different hauling compared to semi trucks. These time-sensitive jobs often include custom cargo that traditional companies might not work with.

Hot shot trucking started in the oil fields, and some consider it to be the “Wild West” of trucking, as it’s still evolving. Nevertheless, hot shot trucking in Houston, TX is helping people move all kinds of gear, from livestock to medicine to electrical equipment.

But smart trucking tech is changing the field in so many ways, and one of those is that it’s making trucking companies more nimble and improving logistics. This means that the unique space hot shot trucking has long occupied may become a thing of the past.

The evolution of the hot shot trucking industry

Hot shot trucking service is often for companies that are need of urgent and speedy deliveries. This may include easily perishable items like important medical supplies, or unusual items such as antique cars. The speed and willingness to adapt of these truckers has made them indispensable. So, when a restaurant needs a shipment right away, hot shot truckers have been there to help. That’s because their smaller trucks can do things the big rigs can’t. They can fit down narrow roads and drive right into the middle of busy construction sites. They can respond to last-minute requests and often come in at a lower price point.

The tech that’s changing the business

One way the field is changing is that online load boards make it easy to connect clients with truckers who can meet their needs. However, smart technology is often accomplishing what hot shot truckers would do on their own in the past. Improved shipment tracking, automatic logging and commercial truck tracking devices have simplified the field for traditional trucking operations.

This means the logistics for handling last-minute and small jobs isn’t as cumbersome. This levels the playing field between the two, meaning that niche businesses now have broader choices about who to pick for shipping.

But this doesn’t mean hot shot trucking will disappear—it simply means that they have to evolve and keep finding specialties in need of their services. Just like traditional operations, they’ll need to use situational awareness to stay ahead of the game.

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