When You Should Opt for LTL Shipping

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Running any business is always a delicate balancing act between efficiency, quality, making a profit and customer satisfaction. So, when you think about your company’s operations, you know that, even if you don’t ship your goods to your customers yourself, you are still responsible that they get there. That is why it’s important that you not only work with a trucking company that you can trust, but that you work with a company that gives you options to help you best meet your business needs. And that’s where an LTL trucking company in Houston, TX comes in.

What is LTL shipping?

LTL stands for “less than truckload,” which means exactly what it sounds like. Instead of paying for an entire truckload when you don’t need it, you can pay for part of a truckload by sharing costs with other companies. The trucking company still carries a full truckload, but the space is shared by several companies that are all sending freight to the same area. LTL can help you keep costs down and avoid spending money on space you don’t need. However, LTL shipping isn’t the right option for every business.

What are the downsides of LTL shipping?

LTL shipments typically take longer to reach their destination. While all the goods in the truck are going in the same direction, they all have different stops, which means the truck will have to stop, unload and sometimes reload multiple times before your shipment is delivered.

Smaller trailers are typically used for LTL shipments as well, which means a portion of the truck space on a truck used for LTL shipments may be much smaller than a portion of the space on a larger truck that does full truckload shipments. LTL shipments typically also have a lower weight limit, so if your goods don’t take up much space but still weight a lot, LTL shipping may not be an option.

When should you opt for LTL shipping?

Deciding to use LTL shipping depends on your budget, what you need to ship and how quickly you need to get it there. The key to differentiating between the need for LTL and a full truckload is to focus on how many individual shipments are needed. If you are shipping several smaller loads to multiple destinations along the same route, for example, LTL may be the best option. LTL can also be a great option for small, one-time shipments that don’t need to be shipped priority.

You already know that your success depends on getting your product to your customers on time, all in one piece and for an affordable price. If you want to get all that and more out of your shipping company, then you want to work with someone that gives you options. Pro Delivery LLC is an LTL trucking company in Houston, TX, but we also offer a variety of other shipping options. For everything from hot shot trucking to heavy haul trucking in Houston, TX, be sure to call on the pros at Pro Delivery LLC!

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