The Most Common Uses of Flatbed Trucking Services

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Many industries make use of flatbed delivery in Houston, TX. Because flatbed trucks have a simple shape, they’re great for transporting many different types of cargo. For example, oversized loads (like farming or construction equipment) are often carried on flatbed trucks. When you need to choose transportation options, consider the size, weight, shape and need for any loading or dumping aids. In most cases, flatbed trucks will be the best option for hauling construction, agriculture, manufacturing or other materials.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most common uses for flatbed trucking services:

  • Equipment: You’ve undoubtedly driven behind a flatbed truck hauling construction or agricultural equipment before. Flatbed trucks are a great way to transport these slow-moving pieces of heavy equipment across the city, state or country. The flat trailer surface allows for flexibility in height and width. In most cases, this is the only practical way to get equipment from point A to point B. Flatbeds are also good for transporting military equipment (such as Humvees and tanks) and large pieces of heavy equipment, which are then assembled on site.
  • Scrap metal removal: Construction can generate a lot of scrap metal. During construction or after the work is finished, flatbed trucks can be used to haul away loads of scrap metal. Drivers can take them to a recycler, where they’re sold and reused for another purpose. Flatbed trucks make it easy to load and unload (or in some cases, dump) the scrap metal, no matter its size and shape.
  • Baled tires: What happens to old tires once they’ve reached the end of their usable lifespan? Since they are waste material, stockpiling them is a bad idea—it creates fire hazards as well as places for critters to nest. That’s why tires are often baled. Baling involves compressing the tires together, then banding them together with wire. A bale consists of about 100 tires and can weigh up to a ton. These bales might be used to help prevent erosion, create retaining walls, act as road fill and other innovative uses—and a flatbed truck is perfect for hauling them around.
  • Building materials: Building materials come in a lot of shapes and sizes, from bricks to steel scaffolding beams. Flatbed trucks are a smart way to haul building materials, since they can be loaded and unloaded in a variety of ways, using equipment like dollies, cranes and more. It also provides flexibility if the materials require extra space—they can hang off the sides.
  • Super sacks: Super sacks are flexible bulk containers used for shipping things like grain, gravel, seeds, peanuts and other small, loose items. They can be loaded on pallets, or using the handles on the sacks themselves.

Whatever your transportation needs, make sure you work with a great flatbed trucking company in Houston, TX. Pro Delivery LLC can help you find the right transportation solutions in and around the Houston area. Call us today to learn more about our services and get a quote on your next load.

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