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Benefits of Flatbed Trucking

August 23, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

As one of the largest cities in the United States, Houston, TX, is a hub for businesses and industries of all kinds. That means there’s a constant need for transportation and shipping services to keep the city running. Flatbed trucking is one of the most popular shipping methods in Houston, and for a good reason. Here are just a few of the flatbed trucking benefits: 1. Flexibility One of the biggest benefits of flatbed trucking is the flexibility it offers. Flatbed trailers can be loaded and unloaded from either side, which makes them ideal for difficult-to-reach locations. And because they don’t have any internal walls or partitions, flatbeds can carry a wide range of cargo, from construction materials to large machinery.... View Article

What to Ship on a Flatbed Truck

February 14, 2022 4:38 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Do you need to ship some large items? Trying to decide between hot shot trucking and flatbed trucking services? That all depends on the size of your items. Flatbed trucks are better equipped to handle heavier items, like construction materials, construction equipment, scrap metal, etc. Below, we cover some of the most common uses for flatbed trucking services as well as what to ship on a flatbed truck. If you’re unsure of which trucking service would work best for your items, it’s best to ask a professional. Heavy construction equipment You’ve likely seen flatbed trucks carrying heavy construction equipment down the highway. This is because flatbed trucking is one of the safest and most reliable ways to move heavy construction... View Article

When to Hire a Flatbed Trucking Service

November 16, 2021 10:37 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

A flatbed truck is often your best bet when you need to get a large load from one destination to another. Flatbed trailers are 53 feet long and 102 inches wide and don’t have walls or a roof. As long as the load is properly secured, you can transport pretty much anything and everything on a flatbed. But some goods are better suited for flatbed trucking than others. Continue reading to learn more about residential and commercial flatbed trucking purposes: Building materials: Lumber, scaffolding, concrete, brick and any other construction materials are typically moved on a flatbed truck. Flatbeds are the preferred trucks for these heavy materials because they can be easily loaded and unloaded with cranes. Construction equipment: It’s... View Article

The Most Common Uses of Flatbed Trucking Services

March 24, 2021 9:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Many industries make use of flatbed delivery in Houston, TX. Because flatbed trucks have a simple shape, they’re great for transporting many different types of cargo. For example, oversized loads (like farming or construction equipment) are often carried on flatbed trucks. When you need to choose transportation options, consider the size, weight, shape and need for any loading or dumping aids. In most cases, flatbed trucks will be the best option for hauling construction, agriculture, manufacturing or other materials. Here’s a closer look at some of the most common uses for flatbed trucking services: Equipment: You’ve undoubtedly driven behind a flatbed truck hauling construction or agricultural equipment before. Flatbed trucks are a great way to transport these slow-moving pieces of... View Article

Do I Need a Flatbed Truck Delivery Service?

October 5, 2020 11:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Though they may not be as common as the big rigs you see on the highway, you no doubt recognize flatbed trucks when you spot them. These large trailers are pulled by powerful semi trucks, but unlike their ubiquitous counterparts, there are no walls on the sides of their trailers. They are flatbed trucks, and they’ve been helping businesses transport irregularly-shaped goods for decades. If you’re not sure whether or not you need flatbed trucking services in Houston, TX, then this primer is for you. Here are some of the most common reasons why people and business owners find flatbed shipping suits their needs perfectly. You’re hauling a vehicle If you have a car or truck that you need to... View Article