The Most Common Uses for Flatbed Hauling: Info from a Trucking Company in Houston, TX

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Flatbed trucks are valuable pieces of equipment for a wide variety of industries, including transportation, manufacturing and construction. These trucks are frequently used for carrying large, oversized loads or other types of products that have unusual shapes that would preclude them from fitting into enclosed trailers.

Let’s take a look in greater detail at some of the most common uses for flatbed trucking in Houston, TX:

  • Building materials: Lumber, scaffolding, concrete, brick, steel beams and other types of pre-fabricated materials must be transported to construction sites somehow, and the best way of accomplishing that is with the use of flatbed trucks. Flatbed trucks are the most common type of transportation used for these loads, because it’s easier to unload the heavy materials either by crane or by hand from any direction, offering more versatility at the construction site. In some cases, trusses can be used to allow the materials to hang slightly over the edge of the flatbed, which is especially useful if the items wouldn’t fit inside an enclosed trailer. Once the construction processes are done, the trucks can be used to take away scrap material from the job site.
  • Equipment hauling: Many large pieces of equipment for agricultural use, military use and manufacturing are often transported on flatbeds, which is a safer and more efficient alternative to driving the equipment on the road to its final destination.
  • Baled tires: Tire bales contain about 100 tires and weigh up to a ton. These bales are created to help eliminate some waste created by tires and for recycling purposes, as there are numerous potential uses for tires that can no longer be used on vehicles. This is a major practice—millions of tires are stockpiled every year in the United States, so baling tires and finding new uses for them can help significantly reduce incidents of major fire hazards, waste and spreading of insects and pests. Some of these new uses for the tires include erosion control systems, retaining walls, impact barriers, road fill and more.
  • Super sacks: Super sacks are extremely large, industrial fabric bags that transport dry products, such as seeds, peanuts, grains, sand and fertilizer. The load capacity for these bags is around 2,000 pounds, and transporting them is typically done on a flatbed truck, because it’s easier to load them onto these vehicles with the use of a forklift when those products are placed in their bags on pallets. Sometimes it’s the product inside these bags that is of the most importance, and other times it’s the bags of products themselves—for example, the United States often uses super sacks filled with sand to act as flood barriers in some hurricane-prone and flood-prone regions.

For more information about some of the most common uses of flatbed hauling in Houston, TX, we encourage you to contact the team of experts at Pro Delivery LLC today with any questions you have and we’ll be happy to provide you with answers. We look forward to working with you soon!

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