Debunking the Myths of Flatbed Trucking in Houston, TX

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Whether you’ve worked in the trucking industry for decades or you are still thinking about getting started in the business, you might be familiar with some of the assumptions that people have about truckers and trucking. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about flatbed trucking in Houston, TX that can make people wary of pursuing trucking as a career. The good news is that these myths are largely unfounded, and the truth about flatbed trucking is much more positive than you might realize:

  • Flatbed truckers aren’t paid well: Compensation is one of the most significant factors that people use when they’re choosing a profession. A lot of people assume that truck drivers in Houston, TX don’t make very much money, but the reality is that trucking can actually be relatively lucrative. Flatbed drivers are paid better than any other type of truckers, and they’re compensated for the time they spend driving, securing loads and unloading trucks.
  • It’s difficult to secure loads properly: Load securing is an essential aspect of flatbed trucking, and it must be done correctly to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and to keep truckers and other drivers safe on the road. While it takes time and training to learn how to secure a load properly, it’s not as difficult as you might imagine once you get the hang of it.
  • Trucking is dangerous: Just like in any other profession, there is an element of danger in flatbed trucking that must be carefully considered, but trucking isn’t as risky as it might appear. Statistically, truck drivers are far less likely to get into accidents than passenger vehicle drivers. In addition, truckers hold a lot of control over just how risky their job is. With the right level of training and plenty of caution, a trucker can safely navigate his or her route with minimal risk.
  • Truckers can only specialize in one type of trucking: Once you have your CDL-A, you can select your preferred type of trucking, whether it be flatbed, hot shot or reefer trucking. If you want to try out a different trucking specialty, you will likely be trained by the company that hires you to ensure you’re up to speed on everything.
  • The trucking industry isn’t open to women: Decades ago, the trucking industry was largely dominated by men, but today the trucking industry is open to people of all genders and backgrounds. Women can be incredibly successful in the trucking industry, and many women love the challenges and rewards that flatbed trucking has to offer.

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