Flatbed Shipping in Houston, TX: Benefits and Helpful Tips

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You’ve probably seen giant commercial trucks pulling long flatbed trailers down the freeway. On the backs of these trailers are usually objects, boxes or crates of various sizes. Most of the time, these trucks are working for a shipping service that provides a flatbed trucking option. What is flatbed shipping exactly? Let’s take a look at the basics about flatbed shipping in Houston, TX. Here are some of the benefits, helpful tips and other must-know facts.

Definition of flatbed shipping

The shortest and simplest definition of flatbed shipping is that it’s a transportation option for cargo that isn’t usually required to be placed in a dry enclosure like a cab or box trailer, cannot be loaded or unloaded from a dock or is not able to fit inside a standard freight truck trailer. Since a flatbed truck is open, goods can be moved around by cranes and forklifts from any angle.

The benefits

While there are many advantages of flatbed shipping, here are the top three:

  • Flexibility: Because a flatbed trailer will be hauling your goods, you will benefit from some dimensional flexibility. That is, flatbed shipping has capabilities for large freight thanks to the lack of walls around the truck bed.
  • Equipment: The types of equipment used in flatbed shipping are different from other freight shipping options. Flatbed shipping equipment typically includes double drops, step desks and RGNs (removable goose necks).
  • Easier time loading: Dry van trailers have to be loaded from the rear of the shipping truck, while flatbed trucks have versatile loading options. You can load from either side, the top and the back of the trailer.

Helpful tips

Are you in the market for a flatbed shipping provider? Here are some tips to help ensure you work with an ideal shipping company and get the services you need:

  • Choose a professional company: If you want your shipping experience to be smooth, with less stress from start to finish, you should work with professionals experienced in flatbed truck shipping. An expert can help everything go right, from securing capacity to locating the equipment needed to move your particular freight load.
  • Know your freight: Having basic knowledge of your freight can save you time and frustration. When scheduling a flatbed shipment, be sure to understand the ins and outs of your shipment, including the goods you are shipping, the value of the cargo and its dimensions and weight.
  • Learn about trailers and equipment: In order to make an informed decision for your shipment, you should first get familiar with the types of trailers and equipment. This will ensure you get the most cost-effective and safe option for your freight shipping needs. Another reason to be in the know is you might need a hard-to-find trailer, such as an extended trailer, and your chosen freight service company may need advanced notice to find one.

Here at Pro Delivery LLC, we offer flatbed trucking services for large, oversized and odd-dimensioned cargo loads. Our flatbed trucks make the transport and delivery of such loads easier, faster and safer. It’s also a cost-effective shipping option. Think you can benefit from a flatbed shipping service? Call us today to learn more about flatbed trucking in Houston, TX!

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