How Should I Set Hot Shot Load Pay Rates?

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Hotshot trucking is a different type of freight shipping that involves using smaller hauling cars to transport or ship more time-sensitive loads and products to a specific location. Hotshot trucking has become famous for most transportation and manufacturing companies.

Hotshot trucking uses medium-sized cars or trucks categorized into classes based on the type and weight of loads they can carry. Hotshot trucking is an excellent opportunity for shot truck drivers to make extra money as a part-time or side job. This blog will look at what hotshot truckers or drivers do and the amount of money they make on each drive.

The Hotshot Trucking Rates 

How much should I pay per mile for a hot shot trucking load as a shipper? This is one of the most frequently asked questions regarding hot shot trucking. Paying for a shot trucking load depends on various factors, including the type of load, shipping distance, cargo urgency, and shipper.

On average, hotshot drivers charge around 1.50 dollars per mile. However, urgently needed cargoes are set at 2 dollars per mile. The latter is hard to come by since they are not very common. 

Cargos with less urgency and minor specialization are typically charged at a minimum of 1 dollar to 1.5 dollars per mile. A shipper can also negotiate with the hotshot truck drivers; however, the decision ultimately depends on what the hotshot truck driver is willing to settle for.

How To Set Hot Shot Load Rates

Hotshot drivers charge their rates depending on their driving, fuel, maintenance, dispatch, and insurance costs. Hotshot truck drivers must search for loads that meet their expectations and specifications at the official hotshot trucking website known as to find the best rates. 

Also, before starting hot shot driving, hot shot truck drivers should have their complete documentation paperwork that proves they are legally registered and licensed commercial hot truck drivers. 

As a hotshot driver, you need to calculate all your daily, weekly and monthly expenses on fuel, insurance and maintenance by dividing the monthly payments and the number of miles covered per month. 

It is statistically estimated that most hot shot truck drivers make an average of $49,000 to a maximum of $100,000 as salary per year. Their yearly salary payment primarily depends on several factors, including the number of loads transported, years of experience, equipment used to haul loads, amount of time devoted to hotshot trucking, region of operation and the charging rates. 

Additionally, hot shot truck drivers should normalize charging more than 68% of the local truckload to make enough profit for their costs, including emergency costs.

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