Heavy Haul Trucking: What You Need to Know

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Heavy-hauling trucking isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, amid a lot of economic volatility, heavy-haul trucking has become a lot more profitable and interesting to people from all walks of life. They look at the occupation as something that they could potentially earn a nice living from, and that bears itself out in the facts on the ground. The industry saw a 33% increase in revenue in 2017-2018, and projections at the time were that 2019 was going to be an incredibly strong year as well. 

What Is Considered A Heavy Haul In Trucking?

There are certain load restrictions the government puts in place to ensure everyone’s safety out on the road. A heavy haul is a load over standard dimensions or otherwise oversized in some way, shape, or form. These loads still need to get wherever they are going, but they need to be hauled by trucks that can carry oddly shaped materials. Thus, heavy hauling comes into play. Those who carry these loads from one place to another are known as heavy haulers, and their services are highly necessary in the world that we live in today. 

How Much Weight Is A Heavy Haul In Freight?

The weight requirement to be considered a heavy haul is anything over 80,000 pounds. This is when things get so heavy that it is necessary to use different types of machinery to move the freight around where it needs to go. When you exceed 80,000 lbs on a single load, you need to have special permission to move that load to its intended location. The 80,000-pound limit is strictly enforced by the Department of Transportation (DOT), so you do not want to put yourself at risk of potentially running up against their rules as you try to move your materials. If you suspect that you have a load that will exceed 80,000 pounds, always try to get it onto a heavy-hauling piece of equipment that can take it where it needs to go. Additionally, you might want to inform the DOT that you intend to move something of this size before doing so. 

The Job Outlook

The exciting thing for people who might want to participate in this line of work is that there are plenty of jobs open for heavy-hauling truck drivers. The industry desperately needs more people who can do this type of work, so you can put yourself on the list if you are looking for a job. The security of this job is pretty stable, and you won’t have to worry too much about external economic factors such as the possibility of a recession or something of that nature. Those types of things are always somewhat of a threat, but you are safer from it than most if you work in heavy hauling because this industry needs people to do this work no matter what is happening in the economy. Consider this as an opportunity to make some job changes and get into a field where you can make a living without so much stress.


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