How to Safely Drive Alongside Oversized Trucks

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Many people get scared when driving alongside oversized trucks. It’s natural, as these large vehicles have an imposing presence; however, staying calm around oversized trucks will help keep you, the truck driver and everyone around you safe.

Below, we cover some information on oversized truck driving as well as tips for oversized truck safety. Use the tips to safely travel alongside oversized trucks.

Oversized trucks take longer to brake

While good brakes on a small car make it easy to stop at the drop of a hat, oversized truck drivers don’t have this luxury. Braking is sometimes a difficult process when driving an oversized truck. Be sure to give oversized truck drivers behind you plenty of space before braking. You never want to cut off a driver just as a stoplight is about to turn red, as this could have disastrous consequences.

Consider blind spots

Driving an oversized truck is a lot different than driving a smaller vehicle. For one, truck drivers have a more limited field of vision due to multiple blind spots in the front and back of large trucks. That’s why it’s extremely important for other drivers to take special care when passing an oversized truck. Don’t get impatient, and make sure you have a lot of room to pass.

We recommend only passing on the left side of an oversized truck as their blind spot is usually smaller on this side. It’s also important to maintain a steady speed while passing.

Wind can make an oversized truck harder to control

Be wary of driving too close to oversized trucks on an especially-windy day. Oversized trucks are often harder to control during heavy winds, so try not to make things more difficult on drivers. Remember, if you can’t see an oversized truck’s mirrors, they can’t see you.

Oversized trucks make wide turns

Avoid getting in the way of an oversized truck trying to make a turn. These large vehicles need plenty of space when turning, especially when it comes to right turns. If you’re at a traffic light and notice an oversized truck trying to make a turn, avoid pulling out too far.

Pay attention

If you want to maintain safety on the road, it’s important to pay attention, especially when driving near oversized trucks. With so many electronics in cars these days, it’s sometimes hard to concentrate on the road, but taking your eyes off the road for even a second can result in major accidents or even death.

Stay safe out there

It’s the job of every driver, including oversized truck drivers, to maintain safety on the road. If you’re driving near an oversized truck, remember to take special precautions. Consider an oversized truck’s blind spots, and slow braking time before trying to pass.

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