Making Flatbed Shipping More Environmentally Friendly

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It’s important that every company does what they can to protect the environment. Shipping can add pollution to the air, which is why trucking companies should take certain steps to make themselves more environmentally friendly. This might include providing regular maintenance to your flatbed trucks. If you’re interested in making your company a bit more environmentally friendly, read on to learn several eco-friendly trucking tips:

  • Use less air conditioning: While this might be difficult during the height of summer, avoid using your air conditioning during certain points of your drive if possible. If you can get away with opening your windows instead, that’s usually the better option. A truck’s air conditioning system increases fuel consumption. Save money on fuel and work towards a cleaner environment by turning off the AC every once in a while.
  • Get regular maintenance: Not only does providing proper maintenance for your vehicles help ensure they last longer, but it can also help protect the environment. Trucks that are well maintained will run more efficiently and thus consume less fuel. Routine maintenance for your trucks should include oil changes, air filter replacements and much more. It’s also good to have an experienced mechanic check your trucks every now and again for possible problems. It’s good to catch those small issues before they turn into big ones.
  • Reduce idle time: If it isn’t necessary for your truck to be running, turn it off. This will help avoid unnecessary fuel consumption, thus lowering environmentally unfriendly emissions.
  • Keep an eye on your tires: When preparing for a delivery, it’s always important to check the state of your tires. Worn-down tires are a safety issue that should be taken care of right away. It’s also important to check the air pressure on your tires, as improperly inflated tires can reduce gas mileage. If one or more of your tires needs changing, don’t put it off. Have them changed right away to ensure your truck drives safely and efficiently.
  • Make the delivery process as efficient as possible: Plan your route so you can make several deliveries in one trip. This will help save on drive time and fuel consumption. There’s no point in going back and forth for deliveries if you can take them all at once. Just make sure to properly label and separate the deliveries from one another so you don’t mix up your customers’ orders.
  • Properly plan your route: Avoid doing any extra driving. It’s best to plan out your route using a GPS navigation system. This will also allow you to plan any stops for food, gas, etc. When you know your route in advance, you can prevent long drive times and delayed orders while helping the environment.

Creating sustainable freight delivery services doesn’t have to be a challenge. Simply make a few changes and you’ll be making strides towards creating a healthier planet. If you’re looking to work with a top-quality trucking company in Houston, TX, contact Pro Delivery LLC today. We provide fair prices on hot shot trucking, flatbed trucking, freight delivery and more.

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