The Importance of Cleaning Wooden Pallets

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Unless you’re directly involved in commercial shipping in Houston, TX, you probably don’t give much thought to shipping pallets. However, every consumer should care that their goods are shipped on clean pallets. Additionally, any DIY-er who plans to use shipping pallets for a crafting project needs to be sure their pallets are as clean as can be.

The same pallets can be used for all sorts of different commercial and residential freight deliveries in Houston, TX. That means the pallets used to ship hazardous materials might be the same one that delivers apples to the grocery store. Because you never know what harmful chemicals or germs might be on the pallets, they should always be cleaned before shipping or crafting.

As Johnson & Johnson found out, shipping products on dirty pallets can lead to product recalls! The company had to recall packages of Tylenol in 2009 due to unusual-smelling bottles. A thorough investigation found the strange, musty odor on the bottles came from the shipping pallets and had nothing to do with the actual bottles themselves.

Be sure your pallets are safe to use

In addition to regularly cleaning your pallets, any pallet that’s used for shipping or crafting must be fully intact and safe to use. Pallets that have missing or rotting boards are a liability. If the wood is discolored in certain spots, it’s best to discard the pallet instead of trying to use it for another delivery or for an at-home craft project.

Steps in cleaning your wooden pallets

After ensuring your pallets are safe for commercial shipping in Houston, TX, it’s time to clean them. Here’s a closer look at the steps to take during this process:

  • Check for safety: Using thick gloves, check the pallet for any metal nails or fasteners that may be sticking out from the wood. These are a hazard for cleaning, and they can also damage goods during transportation.
  • Power wash: Using a power washer and a disinfecting agent, thoroughly remove all dirt and stuck-on debris from the wood. If you don’t have a power washer, scrub them down with bleach and soapy water.
  • Dry: The cheapest way to dry your pallets before reusing them is to leave them out in the sun. But if that’s not an option on cloudy or rainy days, a heat lamp and industrial fans can get the job done.

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