The Anatomy of a Bill of Lading

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When you receive a package delivered to your home or business, you probably don’t think much about the shipping process the products went through. Unless you’re interested in less-than-truckload (LTL) pallet shipping in Houston, TX, all you care about is receiving your goods in one piece. However, all consumers should understand a little bit about the shipping process, and a big portion of that starts with the bill of lading.

A bill of lading is an agreement between a shipper and a transportation company that establishes a record of all received goods that are on board. Bills of lading are required for all types of transportation: land, ocean and air.

Continue reading to learn more about bills of lading in order to further understand how your products get from their original location to your front door.

Why are bills of lading important?

The bill of lading serves three main purposes for LTL pallet shipping in Houston, TX: It’s a receipt of all goods received; it acts as evidence of the terms of the contract; and it serves as a title to the goods. All bills of lading are transferable from the shipper to the transportation company (carrier).

What’s included in the bill of lading?

Each bill of lading for freight delivery in Houston, TX includes a ton of information that’s pertinent to the shipper and carrier. These items include:

  • Names and addresses of the receiver and shipper
  • Invoice numbers for the items
  • Date of pickup
  • Weight and dimension of the product
  • Nature of the cargo
  • Details of packaging used
  • Special notes and instructions for the carrier

If any of this information is missing or incorrect, your products may not arrive in time (or at all), and the carrier or shipping company can end up in some hot water with the Department of Transportation.

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