What Is Hot Shot Trucking Service?

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Hot shot trucking is a type of trucking service that involves carrying small, time-sensitive loads (usually LTL loads) within a specific timeframe to one customer or location. These loads are usually carried by medium-duty trucks hauling flatbed trailers.

This is not to be confused with expedited shipping, a job that could involve vans, tractor trailers or pickup trucks ready to get the job done on a moment’s notice. With hot shot trucking in Houston, TX, there are no vehicles waiting on standby. Instead, the jobs are distributed to various drivers through load boards, making this an ideal service for owner-operators looking for some side gigs.

The equipment

Hot shot trucking involves the use of some particular types of equipment, both in terms of trucks and trailers.

Hot shot trucks generally fall under classes 3, 4 or 5:

  • Class 3 trucks: These are trucks that weigh between 10,000 and 14,000 pounds. Common examples include the Ford F-350, the Chevy Silverado 3500 and the GMC Sierra 3500. These are standard heavy-duty pickup trucks, frequently used by contractors and some delivery drivers.
  • Class 4 trucks: These trucks feature a weight limit of 14,000 to 16,000 pounds. Common examples include the Ford F-450, the Ram 4500 and the Chevy Silverado 4500. These trucks are a bit heavier but still non-commercial, and are used for slightly larger hot shot loads.
  • Class 5 trucks: These trucks have a weight limit of 16,000 to 19,500 pounds, and include the Ford F-550, the Ram 5500 and the Chevy Silverado 5500. This category also includes some lighter commercial trucks, like the Peterbilt 325 and the Kenworth T170.

There are also multiple types of trailers used for hauling hot shot loads. The type of trailer you select will depend on the kind of truck you’re using and the cargo you’ll be hauling. Examples include the following:

  • Bumper pull: These trailers are used for lighter loads (less than 10,000 pounds). They’re shorter and cheaper than other trailer options and quite easy to use, making them popular with everyday people. However, a drawback is that they might sway or lose stability if you try to load them up too heavy.
  • Gooseneck: These trailers are known for their stability and also have a tighter turn radius than that of bumper pull trailers. They’re capable of carrying larger and heavier loads, but might require special hitches.
  • Lowboy: Lowboy trailers have, as the name suggests, a lower center of gravity that makes them ideal for pulling heavier loads. Their primary drawback is the lesser amount of deck space. So, while you can pull heavier loads, you might not be able to haul as much in terms of quantity.
  • Dovetail: If you’re hauling equipment or vehicles, dovetail trailers are affordable and effective. However, they hang low on the back of the trailer, making it difficult to haul up a steep incline.

For more information about hot shot trucking in Houston, TX and how you can benefit from this specialized service, contact the team at Pro Delivery LLC today.

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