Everything You Need to Know About Shipping a Pallet

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If you’re preparing to ship some goods on pallets, there is some information you’ll need to know about pallet shipping to make sure you’re able to get your goods to their destination safely, securely and efficiently. Here’s a quick overview of some of the steps involved in how to ship a pallet in Houston, TX:

  • Pallets defined: A pallet is a type of flat structure that can be made out of wood, composite, metal or plastic. Freight gets secured on top of it to be shipped to its final destination. There is both a top and a bottom deck, with a raised construction that allows it to be easily lifted and moved by a forklift or pallet jack. A pallet is not to be confused with a skid, which only has a top deck. They look somewhat similar, but skids are used for storage, while pallets are used for transportation.
  • Types of pallets: There are a couple main types of pallets: stringer pallets and block pallets. Stringer pallets feature three parallel pieces of wood to support the boards. Forklifts or pallet jacks are able to pick them up on two different sides. Block pallets, meanwhile, can be picked up from all sides, thanks to blocks of wood on the middle of each edge of the pallet that provide more support. These pallets are generally used for heavier shipments.
  • Choosing a pallet: If you’ve never selected a pallet for shipping before, you might wonder what the best type of pallet is for your needs. There are several factors to consider here. Your budget will play a big role, as some pallets are more expensive than others. Some pallets can also be reused for long periods of time, while others might break down faster. You should also consider the type of material that best suits your transportation needs (see below). Finally, the size and type of pallets you choose will also be impacted on any transportation or storage limitations you’re facing.
  • Material differences: It is important to have a basic understanding of the differences in the main types of pallet materials. Wooden pallets are quite durable, capable of handling heavy loads and are easily recyclable and repairable. However, they are heavy, which could increase shipping costs, and are susceptible to moisture and deformation. Plastic pallets weigh less and are strong and safe to handle, plus they’re resistant to humidity and corrosion. However, they’re not as easy to repair as wood, cannot be recycled and are more expensive. Metal pallets are able to handle the heaviest loads, are cheaper, are easily sanitized and are resistant to corrosion, but they’re hard to repair, and heavier than plastic.
  • Weight: The amount of weight you’re able to put on a pallet depends on the type of pallet, but generally you can expect to be able to support 3,700 to 4,600 pounds on a standard pallet.

These are just a few examples of some of the most important considerations regarding the steps for how to ship a pallet in Houston, TX. For more information, contact Pro Delivery, LLC today.

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