How to Get the Most for Your Money with LTL Freight Shipments

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Owners of small and medium-sized businesses know just how important it is to be thrifty and resourceful with regard to shipping. There’s generally not enough money available for full truckload shipments, so less than truckload (LTL) shipments become necessary for you to be able to get your cargo to your customers or clients at a price your business can afford.

But what’s the cheapest way to ship LTL freight in Houston, TX? Here’s a quick overview of some of the factors that are most likely to affect your LTL costs and your overall shipping strategy.

Using LTL shipping to benefit your business

One of the main considerations you’ll need to factor into your LTL shipping calculations is the size of the freight to be shipped. Any carrier you work with will need all of your shipment’s dimensions (weight, height, width and length), as this is what they’ll use to determine how much space it’ll take up in their trailers. Based on the information you provide, they’ll then be able to calculate prices. As you might expect, larger shipments will cost you more than smaller ones.

As you consider the quotes you get for LTL shipping costs, you’ll need to consider a few factors, such as the available capacity and any potential barriers to your shipments, including heavy storms or bad driving conditions, that can drive up prices.

There are ways you can strategize as a business owner to keep your shipping costs as low as possible. Even when you’ve already opted for LTL shipping over FTL shipping, there are still opportunities for you to reduce costs and save some money.

The most important thing is to develop a shipping strategy as soon as possible. Analyze your past shipping data and figure out how you can use that information to predict the capacity you’ll need in the next year or so. That will help you determine pricing based on some of the trends that exist in the market right now. You can also plan ahead better by measuring shipment dimensions in advance, as this gives you more time to compare rates between carriers so you can get the cheapest option available. Make sure your measurements are extremely accurate—if they’re not precise, you might see extra fees from the carrier so they can make the necessary adjustments. You should either have a dimensioner, or just be extremely careful when making your measurements to ensure precision.

As we briefly touched on, the price of your shipping can also be influenced by more variable circumstances, such as weather or the price of gas. Smart timing of your shipments can make a big difference in the amount of money you can expect to pay for your shipping.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of LTL shipping or the steps you can take to reduce the costs of your shipments, we encourage you to contact Pro Delivery LLC today. We’ll be happy to provide you with some tips on the cheapest ways to ship LTL freight in Houston, TX.

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