Five Crucial Tips for Residential LTL

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Residential LTL shipping contains more complications than the usual business-to-business LTL shipping. There is no reliable front desk at which to leave shipments for pickup, and no loading dock, and sometimes people may forget to have a shipment ready. For that reason, some freight companies charge an extra fee, but you can often avoid it if you make this easier for your driver. Here are five tips for smooth residential LTL in Houston, TX:

  • Schedule ahead: Scheduling ahead offers two advantages. One, you know what time the delivery driver is arriving, so you can be sure to be home and have your shipment ready. This makes it easier to avoid forgetting about the service. Two, delivery drivers often have to time your pickup, since they may not be in your general area. That ensures they make time for you and never decide to drop your job for more lucrative business-to-business jobs. Basically, this makes residential LTL easier for everyone.
  • Make room for the truck: If your package requires anything larger than a van, make sure there is room for the vehicle and for loading. Remove cars from the driveway and move larger items into the garage. The less effort it takes to find and load your cargo, the less the delivery driver can charge. You also need to consider space to turn around or back into your driveway. If you need to tell neighbors to avoid parking on the street, give them plenty of heads-up—you can’t expect to be able to empty the streets right when the driver shows up.
  • Pack and stage properly: Research the best way to ship your item. Depending on what you are moving, you may need pallets, wood boxes or a particular means of securing the shipment. If you are moving something hazardous, have all your forms done ahead of time—otherwise, the driver may not be allowed to pick up your item. Large boxes and pallets also need room for a pallet jack, so consider how to make space for this equipment as well.
  • Know the service level: You may save money by transporting items to a shipping terminal. That is because sites that do not have loading docks and other labor-saving devices may incur more shipping charges. When you arrange for a pickup, clarify the different service levels. You may decide it’s worth it to pay extra to have drivers pick up items from inside your home or move larger ones out of your garage. Ask about charges so you do not have a bad surprise later.
  • Pre-print documentation: Shipping bills, customs forms and specialized forms for highly regulated cargo should all be completed ahead of time. This also calls for a bill of lading, and fortunately, there are online tools available to help you complete and print one. You will provide this document when the driver arrives. Make sure you give the driver two copies and keep one for yourself. When the driver assigns a tracking number, write it down. You can use it to confirm delivery, but also to track down packages that get lost.

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