What Does “Reefer” Mean?

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A “reefer” is a refrigerated shipping container such as a truck, railroad car or ship. Reefers keep temperature-sensitive cargo cool during transportation. If you ship goods that require climate control, like perishable food items, reefers are a good choice for LTL shipping methods in Houston, TX.

The benefits of reefer shipping

If you ship temperature-sensitive cargo, hiring a reefer is a must for your LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping. The best thing about LTL shipping is that you don’t have to worry about filling the entire truck, so you can work with other businesses that are shipping goods in the same temperature range to fill a truck together. If you run a small farm and don’t produce truckloads of produce, you can work with nearby farmers to ensure fresh goods are delivered throughout the region.

For reefer LTL shipping, there are many options available to keep goods in a climate-controlled environment. Available options include frozen reefers for frozen goods, cold reefers for perishable goods and cool reefers for fresh goods. Reefers maintain a constant temperature range. The regulated temperature protects goods from deteriorating, perishing or spoiling during transportation.

Food items aren’t the only reason to use reefer LTL shipping in Houston, TX. Reefers can regulate temperatures up to the 70s to ensure products don’t overheat or freeze. Some of the other items that reefers are ideal for shipping include medicines, artwork and electronics.

To give you peace of mind that your goods are being transported safely, some shipping companies offer real-time tracking allowing shippers and customers to keep an eye on the reefer’s temperature.

When hiring reefers, you’ll need to plan ahead. Because the cargo is perishable, reefers are on tight schedules that make coordinating difficult. You’ll also need other business to be shipping items in the same temperature range to the same place(s) at the same time as you.

Sometimes businesses that already have access to a reefer want to ship their dry goods in it as well. In some cases, this could damage goods, because the floors in reefers are aluminum and not wood. Reefers are also heavier, so gross weight is met sooner, limiting the amount of goods that can be shipped.

When dry shipping won’t cut it

Dry shipping is the most common LTL shipping method in Houston, TX, but it may not be right for your business. Still, companies rely on dry shipping because of its convenience. It is much easier to schedule smaller volume shipments for LTL shipping. Because dry shipping trucks are more common, they are more readily available. Some transport companies don’t offer reefers because they are too costly to maintain.

Dry trailers protect your goods from the elements, but they cannot guarantee a consistent temperature. Depending on where you are shipping and how long your goods need to travel, it can be hard to know if the weather will fluctuate enough to damage your shipment.

Reefer LTL shipping in Houston, TX is a must for companies that ship perishable items. Regulated temperatures ensure that your goods arrive safely and without damage. To learn more, contact Pro Delivery LLC today.

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