Beneficial LTL Shipping Tips to Keep in Mind

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One of the ways you can remain competitive as a business owner is to focus on developing an efficient and reliable supply chain. When that supply chain is cut off or inconsistent, it can have some significant negative effects on your business.

Part of your supply chain involves choosing the correct shipping modes. Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping is one of the best methods of shipping for owners of small businesses in particular, because it allows them to get their shipments to their destinations on time and on budget. Rather than renting space in an entire truck to carry less than a truck’s worth of supplies or products, you can share space in a truck with other shipments to make it more environmentally and financially efficient.

Here are just a few examples of some of the most beneficial LTL shipping tips in Houston, TX that you should keep in mind when selecting this option for your business.

Make sure you package your items correctly

When damage to freight does occur, about half of the time it’s caused by poor packaging and not by mistakes made during transit. Packaging is your responsibility—you must use the right supplies and procedures to ensure the items inside the package remain safe throughout the entire trip. Keep in mind that LTL shipments will be handled by many different people many different times before the items finally arrive at their destination. Don’t cheap out on your shipping materials, and make sure you’ve done everything you can in terms of the packaging process to protect your items.

Carefully consider your dimensions

Accurate dimensional measurements are extremely important for you to be able to determine the amount of space you need for your freight. If you fail to take accurate measurements, you could overpay for the space you need, meaning you’ll be paying for space on the truck that you didn’t even take up with your freight. In addition, you must be proactive in ensuring your shipping classification matches with the carrier. When first communicating with a potential carrier, ask them for their freight classification terms.

Automate your paperwork

The documentation portion of LTL shipping is the most tedious aspect of the process, so it can do a lot for your sanity to automate it as much as possible. In fact, most LTL shipping errors are caused by documentation mistakes, so automation can also help cut down on those errors. The paperwork should always have accurate information to ensure there are no mistakes that lead to incorrect charges or unnecessary delays in shipping. There are various types of transportation management systems (TMS) software you can choose from for this process.

Make sure you’re shipping to the correct address

You’d be amazed at how many companies never verify the delivery address and time when sending off a shipment. Ask customers receiving their items if they are equipped to handle an LTL shipment at their location, and if there are specific facilities that are best for handling such deliveries.

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