Who Uses Dry Van Shipping?

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“Dry van shipping” refers to a shipping process that uses a big empty box, useful for a wide variety of different types of shipping jobs. Its versatility is what makes it such a popular shipping choice for people working with trucking companies in Houston, TX.

The “dry van” in dry van shipping is the trailer that is connected to the trucks you see chugging along the highway every day during your commute. In most cases, these trailers are large rectangular containers that are far and away the most common means of freight transportation. They can handle boxes of cargo or pallets loaded with supplies, as well as many types of equipment.

There are no means of climate or temperature control inside dry vans, so if you’re looking for refrigerated shipping options, you’re going to need to look elsewhere. But for most consumer goods, this is the type of shipping you’re going to want to go with, because it allows you to transport a much larger amount of product at once in a way that is highly organized and extremely convenient.

The importance of this convenience cannot be understated. Not only are these trailers large and capable of carrying a wide variety of different types of products in large numbers, but they’re also beneficial in that they protect all their cargo from the elements, theft and a variety of potential types of damage.

People and companies who use dry van shipping also have the option of choosing full truckload or less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. Full truckload is a more financially efficient option if you have larger shipments to send off, but if you only have smaller shipments, LTL shipping allows you to reserve a limited amount of space on a shared truck and still have your goods delivered in a timely manner.

What industries make the most use of dry van shipping?

There are many types of industries that use dry van shipping on a daily basis. The flexibility of this shipping method is what makes it so attractive—you can ship many different types of products via dry vans. It’s also easy to find dry van shipping companies that are available to ship the freight you need to transport. There are a number of logistics companies that focus solely on dry van shipping because there’s a constant demand for it, and because it is a lucrative service for these companies to provide, so you should never have a problem finding a company that’s capable of taking and shipping your goods.

Some of the industries that most frequently use dry van shipping include the food and beverage industry (for non-perishable or non-refrigerated products), automotive, manufacturing, consumer goods, electronics, health and beauty, cleaning products and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about dry van shipping in Houston, TX and the various benefits of this type of service, we encourage you to contact the team at Pro Delivery LLC today with any questions you have for us. We look forward to working with you soon!

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