Common Freight Shipping Questions

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Many people believe that shipping freight is as simple as putting things on a truck and sending it between Point A and Point B. While this is true in essence, there are a lot of other components of trucking that need to be considered before a freight shipping company in Houston, TX can efficiently and safely deliver your goods.

To help clear up more of the process, here are some of the most common freight shipping questions and answers.

How do you determine shipping rates?

While we’re sure that you’d love for your trucking company in Houston, TX to give you one flat rate to pay for every shipment you send through them, shipping rates can actually be a little more complex than that. Rates are determined by considering numerous factors, such as the type of freight, distance of shipping, the weight of the freight and which transportation method you’re using.

LTL shipments are usually less expensive than full truckloads because you’re sharing the truck space with other shippers. Truckload rates tend to be determined based on mileage.

Can anything be shipped?

Almost anything can be shipped through a trucking company, even hazardous materials. However, accurate weight, measurements and density must be recorded for each item you ship. Additionally, if you are shipping hazardous items, they must be properly identified and you must work with a shipment company that has the proper equipment to safely transport these materials.

Apart from hazardous materials, your shipping company should have the fleet of vehicles necessary to meet or find a solution for almost any freight requirement you have. Remember, fragile and temperature-sensitive items need to be properly packaged to prevent damage. You should also discuss these things with your freight company to see if they have specialized equipment or handling procedures to ensure your freight arrives in the best possible condition.

How do I determine my freight classification?

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) created freight classifications to help standardize freight shipping pricing across the industry. There are 18 freight classes, and each commodity on the market is assigned a number (called an NMFC number) that fits within one of those classifications.

To determine your freight classification, look up a freight class calculator online and identify your product NMFC numbers or contact your local freight shipping company in Houston, TX.

How long does shipping freight take?

There is no set answer to how much time freight shipping will take. Your shipping company can give you an estimated delivery time, but the travel time required will depend on the weight of the freight, the distance it is traveling and any other special services that might be necessary.

If shipping times are of particular concern for you, make sure you work with a reliable freight shipping company with positive reviews and a history of delivering items on time.

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