The History and Evolution of Hot Shot Trucking in the Freight Industry

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Hot shot trucking has been a part of the freight industry for a long time as an option for transporting loads, but most people have no idea how the hot shot trucking business got started or what the future has in store for it. As a part of the freight industry, hot shot trucking specializes in delivering loads by land, using the country’s substantial road system.

Whether you are in the trucking and freight delivery business or not, you may have questions. When did hot shot trucking begin? What are the advantages of using this type of delivery service? Here’s a brief look at the history and evolution of hot shot trucking as a type of freight delivery service in Houston, TX.

The beginning to today

Moving freight from one place to another was happening well before the invention of the automobile. Back then, goods were transported using trains, ships and horse-drawn carriages. Then, motor-powered vehicles came into the picture. The 1950s saw a boom in the trucking industry, and just 10 years later, hot shot trucking was born. Highways were being built to connect the country in a whole new way, which opened up the freight industry’s ability to provide many more services to customers.

At the start of hot shot trucking, pickup truck drivers would wait outside of oil manufacturing plants and offer to transport oil parts for a fee. The pay was good until the oil industry took a hit, but truck drivers didn’t give up. They took their services to other industries, and today hot shot trucking is in high demand, continuing to grow and increasingly popular. In fact, of all the trucking transportation options available, hot shot delivery services are one area that’s experienced significant growth.

The difference between hot shot loads and expedited loads

While the idea behind hot shot and expedited loads is roughly the same, there are differences between them. Both services move loads from point A to point B quickly, but the method of moving them is different. Expedited freight services use vans and big rigs, while hot shot freight services often use basic pickup trucks. Since hot shot trucking only transports smaller loads, they often only need a truck bed to carry loads, or will hook up a trailer if a vehicle or extra cargo needs pulling. These smaller trucks are ready to deliver time-sensitive loads on demand.

The advantages of using hot shot trucking services

Why use hot shot trucking companies for deliveries? In short, they are cost-effective for customers. Starting this type of company typically requires less startup money and has fewer operating costs, and hot shot truckers have an easier time with licensing—they only need a commercial license, not a CDL—and securing insurance. If a company’s trucks have good fuel efficiency, the price per mile per freight load tends to be lower than it is for other types of trucking options.

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