Top Myths and Lies About Hot Shot Trucking in Houston, TX

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The trucking industry is huge. Just like flatbed rig services, hot shot truckers are in the business to get your goods, cars and equipment from point A to point B—just faster. Hot shot trucking is delivery on demand! Here at Pro Delivery LLC, we transport loads of all sizes safely to their destinations.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the top myths and lies you’re bound to hear about hot shot trucking in Houston, TX.

Myth: You are not allowed to sleep in your truck

Driving across the country may seem like a relatively straightforward task, but driving for hours nonstop is tiring. This is especially true when it comes to long haul or hot shot freight delivery drivers. Sure, the goal is fast delivery, and although some hot shot deliveries are local and same-day, others may require all-day travel.

Fortunately, not being able to sleep in your truck is a myth. New U.S. Department of Transportation regulations went into effect in 2013, changing the rules regarding the required 10 hours of off-duty time. Since 2013, drivers can legally rest in any parked vehicle with or without a DOT compliant sleeper. This is great for hot shot truckers, considering they typically drive trucks without sleepers to make their deliveries.

Myth: A four-wheel drive, one-ton dually is necessary for snow days

You may have heard that a four-wheel drive, one-ton truck is a safer vehicle for hauling during snow days or bad weather. Well, it depends on the type of deliveries your business makes. For example, a hot shot truck pulling a trailer with a car on the back can run into trouble on snow days. This is because four-wheel drives are already hundreds of pounds heavier than two-wheel drives, and that’s without a trailer and vehicle in tow. Try hauling all that weight on snow-covered roads!

This extra weight means your hot shot vehicle will get fewer miles to the gallon—you’ll fill up more often and incur greater costs over the course of the year. The best thing you can do is invest in a work truck or fleet specifically for your hot shot trucking business.

Lie: The better bet is always a fifth wheel hitch

Some people believe that a fifth wheel hitch is better than a gooseneck hitch. The truth is, while both hitch setups function well for hot shot trucking, there are pros and cons to each. A fifth wheel hitch offers a bit more stability and is better at distributing weight, but because there’s a permanent mechanism mounted in the bed, limits are placed on the versatility of your truck. A big plus of a fifth wheel is that it’s easier to hook and unhook from a trailer than a gooseneck.

Looking at price, a gooseneck is cheaper to install. Another benefit of a gooseneck is it typically lays flush into the bed of your hot shot truck when it’s not needed, which allows the bed to be used for jobs that don’t require a trailer.

Don’t hesitate to call Pro Delivery LLC for more information about hot shot trucking in Houston, TX. Reach out to us today to speak with an expert!

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