What Is Dry Van Shipping in Houston, TX?

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Have you heard of dry van shipping? This is a common type of LTL shipping in Houston, TX. In fact, it’s one of the most common ways to ship throughout the country. You probably encounter dry van shipping every day but don’t realize it.

That’s because dry van shipping in Houston, TX doesn’t actually involve a van, in the common sense of the word. What is it, then? If you’re not familiar with the term, here’s the FAQ to give you the scoop.

What is dry van shipping in Houston, TX?

Dry van shipping is simply freight transportation in an enclosed box trailer. You can think of it as a large box on wheels with a door in the back. These dry van trailers are not equipped with temperature control, but are designed to carry non-perishable products. Dry van shipping is typically used to transport pallets or boxes.

Why is it called dry van shipping in Houston, TX?

Due to the enclosed trailer, this type of LTL shipping in Houston, TX keeps cargo dry, hence the name. The product being transported is fully enclosed during transport, keeping it dry.

What are other types of hotshot trucking in Houston, TX?

Not all shipping is considered dry van shipping in Houston, TX. Two other main types of shipping are used for product or equipment transport. The first is refrigerated trucking. “Reefers,” or refrigerated trucks, are equipped to transport produce, dairy and other products that must remain temperature-controlled in transit. The second type is a flatbed truck. The bed of these vehicles is not enclosed, and therefore the load is exposed to the elements (not dry). These are often used for delivering odd-shaped freight or large, heavy equipment.

What is the maximum load for dry van shipping in Houston, TX?

A dry van truck can be up to 53 feet long. It can carry up to 45,000 pounds of freight or 25 standard pallets.

Is dry van shipping a good option for LTL shipping in Houston, TX?

Yes—LTL shippers can benefit from the use of dry van trailers. These trailers can be used to consolidate shipments and provide cost savings to boost a shipping company’s bottom line.

What are the benefits of dry van shipping in Houston, TX?

As mentioned above, dry van shipping keeps cargo protected from the elements. While it does not control the temperature, it does offer shelter from rain, wind, snow, sleet and hail. The enclosure also helps prevent damage from flying debris. Additionally, the lockable trailer protects the products from potential theft.

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