Flatbed Trucking: Pros, Cons and Myths

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Are you considering applying your skills as a driver to a career in flatbed trucking in Houston, TX, but are not sure if it’s the right choice for you? We understand. Flatbed trucking is challenging and is not a job that is for everyone. However, with the right skill set and proper training, flatbed trucking can be a rewarding job in many ways.

As a trucking company in the Houston area, we hear a lot of opinions about the flatbed trucking industry, and at least some of what we hear isn’t quite true. So, to set the record straight, here are a few pros, cons and myths about flatbed trucking in Houston, TX.

It’s dangerous

All trucking jobs are dangerous. Flatbed trucking poses a greater risk because a flatbed truck is open and, therefore, anything that goes wrong results in more serious consequences. However, how dangerous the job is depends on your skills, training and overall performance as a driver. When you receive the proper training and consistently apply that training and follow safety rules and the policies that are in place to protect you, flatbed trucking doesn’t need to be more dangerous than any other trucking position.

Loading and unloading is a pain

There are pros and cons when it comes to loading and unloading flatbed trucks. The main con is that extra care and time does need to be invested in properly securing loads, since everything on a flatbed truck is left out in the open. Unloading, however, is actually easier. Many times flatbed trucks aren’t required to back into loading docks because unloading can be accomplished from any side of the flatbed truck. So, while you may spend more time loading a flatbed truck, you save that time when unloading.

It pays better

Flatbed trucking positions definitely offer better pay. These trucking positions require greater responsibility and greater skill, which means that you should also receive a greater reward. On average, flatbed truckers are typically paid about $13,000 more per year compared to van truckers.

Women can’t do it

You may see fewer women in flatbed trucking positions, but that does not mean they are less qualified or aren’t to be found in this field. Flatbed trucking in Houston, TX can be a more physically demanding job, compared to other truck driving positions, but it is physically demanding on both sexes. Women with the proper abilities are more than able to handle a flatbed trucking position and many women already do and have done so for years.

A position as a flatbed trucker can be rewarding in many ways, from being a sought-after skill on the job market to a greater annual pay rate. If you are interested in boosting your career as a truck driver and taking on a flatbed truck, we’d love to meet you! Pro Delivery LLC is a locally owned business with over 20 years in the trucking industry. We are always looking to meet skilled drivers. If that sounds like you, contact us today!

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