Benefits and Challenges of LTL Shipping in Houston, TX for Refrigerated Loads

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Refrigerated trucking is a common solution for transporting freight that must be temperature-controlled. Is LTL shipping in Houston, TX a good option for this type of deliveries? It can be.

As with other types of hot shot trucking in Houston, TX, refrigerated loads come with a unique set of challenges and benefits. Following is an overview of both. Consider these pros and cons if you get the opportunity to use refrigerated trucking in Houston, TX.


  • Hot loads: Even if a driver does everything perfectly to maintain the right temperature and deliver the load on time, it could still be rejected by the receiver for being too warm. Often, cargo is loaded onto the truck at the wrong temperature. This is frequently the result of sitting on the loading dock too long.
  • Failed equipment: Refrigeration units must work properly to provide successful deliveries. If the equipment fails, so does the LTL shipping in Houston, TX. Sensitive cargo can quickly spoil, resulting in a rejected load.
  • Driver error: Refrigerated trucking in Houston, TX requires specialized knowledge. The driver must know how to properly maintain the temperature, set the proper cooling mode and defrost the unit if needed. If any of these maintenance items are not done properly, equipment may fail and loads may be lost.
  • Late notice: To salvage a load when something goes awry, a driver must receive immediate notice of the issue. If a truck is not equipped with real-time data delivery, or if someone else involved with the delivery does not pass along pertinent information, the driver might not be able to save the load.
  • Strict regulations: Drivers who utilize hot shot trucking in Houston, TX for refrigerated loads must adhere to strict regulations put in place by the FDA. It is necessary to remain current on all reporting and recordkeeping requirements.


  • High demand: Refrigerated trucking in Houston, TX offers the opportunity to meet a high demand for fresh products. These deliveries are consistently in high demand, making refrigerated trucking a solid business.
  • Versatility: Refrigerated units can be used for other types of hot shot trucking in Houston, TX. Products that do not require temperature control can easily be transported with these vehicles as well. This makes refrigerated trucking in Houston a versatile option, further increasing its demand.
  • Protection: Units equipped for refrigeration are designed with extra protection for transported products. They are better equipped than some other rigs for protecting against damage. This makes them a desirable option for both refrigerated and non-refrigerated goods.

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