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Although some companies have a massive amount of freight in each of their shipments, there are others that simply don’t need the kind of capacity that a standard 48- or 53-foot truck trailer has to offer. At the same time, utilizing a different shipping method may not offer the kind of cost savings that ground transportation does. For this reason, less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping companies were developed to meet the needs of companies that needed transportation services for shipments that are less than the standard truckload. Read on to find out more about how LTL freight shipping in Houston, TX came about and how you can benefit from this service in the future.

LTL basics

In order to address lower volume shipping needs economically, LTL freight shipping in Houston, TX usually involves the use of a covered or enclosed van trailer. These trailers don’t typically have the more sophisticated features that some larger trailers do, like temperature control, but they are able to effectively consolidate and transport shipments that are better suited for smaller trailers. LTL trailers may also be carried two at a time to increase the amount that a single vehicle can haul.

North American LTL shipping

The first regulations of the United States trucking industry came about in 1935 on behalf of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), which was dissolved in 1996. The first regulation that the ICC passed had to do with tariff acquisition and transparency on the part of transportation companies. In 1948, a piece of legislation was passed that limited regulation and gave more freedom to trucking companies. This legislation exempted carriers from antitrust legislation and gave carriers the freedom to fix prices. Over the next several decades, competition within the trucking industry was stunted as the ICC denied applications from new transportation companies. Then, in 1980, the Motor Carrier Act was passed. This act paved the way for thousands of new carriers to flood the market—decreasing margins and promoting price competition in the industry.

As market competition heated up, and continues to do so today, LTL carriers entered the market to address the unique needs of many different customers. LTL freight shipping in Houston, TX involves an intricate network of terminals, pickup systems and delivery routes. Despite the fact that it makes up a small portion of the total trucking market, LTL is an essential piece of the supply chain puzzle.

Benefit from LTL freight shipping in Houston, TX

LTL shipping offers a host of benefits to a variety of companies that have lighter shipping needs. The key to successful LTL freight shipping in Houston, TX is to find a company that will work with you to address your unique transportation needs. Our team at Pro Delivery LLC specializes in working with a wide variety of customers and providing shipping options that are affordable and make the most logistical sense. We have offered shipping services throughout Houston and the United States since 1999, and we continue to build a reputation of excellence among our customers. Contact us today and let us get you started with customized shipping solutions.

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