Tips for Safe Summer Trucking in Houston, TX

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Summer is just around the corner. That means the highways will be filled with folks on family road trips and people just trying to get out of the city and enjoy the beautiful weather. As you’re aware, there will also be plenty of truck drivers out on the road making their regular deliveries. The following guide will help ensure truck drivers stay safe out on the road during the upcoming months:

  • Watch for extreme weather: Sudden storms are a staple of summer weather. It can go from nice and sunny to dark and rainy in a matter of minutes. Thankfully, our meteorologists are usually pretty good at predicting when and where these storms will pop up. Be sure to always check the weather before you hit the road, and take a look at the weather radar each time you stop.
  • Prepare for breakdowns: Even if you’re driving a brand new cab, you need to always be prepared for a sudden breakdown! Among other things, preparedness means always having a safety kit on hand, including road flares. Flares and other road signals will let other cars behind you know to switch lanes when passing by. Additionally, you’ll want to keep plenty of water with you in the cab to ensure you stay hydrated if you have to wait for an emergency repair truck.
  • Ensure your cab stays cool: The inside of a cab can get pretty hot, especially when the sun is beaming down in the middle of July. A big part of safe summer trucking in Houston, TX is ensuring your cab stays as cool as possible during the dog days of summer. Always put a sunshield in your windshield when you’re not driving to keep the interior cool and comfortable.
  • Pay attention to work zones: Nobody likes dealing with summer construction. Unfortunately, it’s an unavoidable part of being out on the road during this time of year. Don’t get caught speeding through one of these work zones. You can be subject to hefty fines or even injure one of the construction workers.
  • Check traffic reports: Going along with the previous point, you’ll always want to check the traffic report for delays. A lot of these delays are the result of construction work and might be avoidable if you know about them ahead of time. These days, there are apps like Waze that show you exactly where the backups are happening and can even help you plan a new route to get passed the traffic.
  • Watch for other cars: Last, but certainly not least, watch out for other vehicles on the road! You never can be too sure about which drivers are texting or occupied with something else and not paying attention.

All of our drivers at Pro Delivery LLC have years of experience with safe summer trucking in Houston, TX. In addition to ensuring they’re safe out on the roads, we guarantee that our drivers will get your goods to their destination on time and under budget.

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