Tips for Winter Hauling with Flatbeds: Info from a Flatbed Delivery Service in Houston, TX

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Winter is upon us! While we certainly do not get hit anywhere near as hard in Houston as other people around the country do, truck drivers need to be prepared to drive in all kinds of weather when they’re on cross-country trips. Therefore, as an experienced flatbed delivery service in Houston, TX, we have compiled a list of tips for hauling in winter weather with flatbeds.

Here are a few of those tips to keep in mind for anyone hauling with a flatbed over the next few months in wintery weather:

  • Be prepared and alert: You never know what’s going to happen out on the roads. Even the safest drivers can be caught in hazardous situations because of unpredictable weather or the behavior of other drivers on the road. Therefore, it is important for flatbed drivers to have all the tools they need to be warm and safe on the road in worst-case scenarios. Keep stocked with flashlights, blankets, food, water, bags of salt or sand, traction mats, warning triangles or flares, jumper cables, tire chains and more. Even if the weather is clear on one leg of your trip, you are likely to see that weather shift when on long journeys, especially during winter months.
  • Watch for black ice: All flatbed operators should be on the lookout for black ice. This transparent, thin layer of ice forms near freezing levels. At first, it might look like the road is just wet. However, if the weather is hovering around freezing, there’s a good chance that it’s a patch of ice. Be aware of temperature changes so you know how to adjust your driving behaviors when you spot what looks like it could be ice on the road.
  • Bring winter gear: Flatbed drivers are often exposed to the elements, including rain, snow and sleet during winter. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have waterproof clothing and warm gear. Waterproof boots are a perfect all-season choice, as they keep your feet warm and dry in all kinds of inclement weather. Have items that will keep your head, ears and hands warm as well. You are going to want to be comfortable when out on long hauls.
  • Use safe driving practices: The winter months have more weather considerations and are darker in general. Make sure you have your lights on whenever appropriate, clearly signal your intentions to turn or merge, obey all rules of the road and, if the weather gets bad and you see hazards on the road, slow down! It’s more important to stay safe than it is to get to your destination as fast as you can. Speeding during wintery weather is a great way to cause an accident that could become especially devastating when involving a large flatbed truck.

These are just a few tips you should keep in mind when driving your flatbed truck during the winter months. For more tips and information, contact a flatbed delivery service in Houston, TX today.

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