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The act of moving products or raw goods from place to place, commonly called shipping and also known as logistics, is surrounded by a complex industry involving many moving parts. Bringing freight from one location to another requires an extensive amount of coordination between shipping agencies, the sending location, the receiving location and governmental entities. Companies looking to move their finished commodities or industrial components from one location to another, whether to a warehouse across town or a manufacturing center across the country, should look for a qualified trucking company in Houston, TX to provide them with professional help.

Identifying your needs

The first step in successfully moving your freight from one place to another is identifying the needs of your company. For instance, if you are hoping to move finished products from a production site to a distribution center, you will need a drastically different shipping solution than if you were to be moving a large piece of industrial machinery from one production site to another.

If your freight will be crossing any state lines or international borders, you should consult with a qualified expert to learn about any restrictions that there may be on moving certain types of cargo through that particular region. Additionally, you should be aware of any tariffs that you may be expected to pay while moving your freight.

Determining truck type

The type of freight you are moving will ultimately determine the type of truck you need to hire. The best way to be sure that you are procuring a truck that will meet your needs is to work with a qualified trucking company in Houston, TX.

Different types of trucking solutions include pickups, flatbeds, 18-wheelers and mini-floats. Flatbeds and mini-floats are excellent ways to maximize your ability to deliver oversized or oddly shaped goods.

Figuring out the freight class

Different types of freight are classified differently, depending on a variety of factors including liability, density, stowability and handling. Generally speaking, the higher the class, the more difficult the items are to ship. Higher class items are more expensive to transport.

Liability refers to the risk the shipping company assumes by moving your goods or components, and stowability refers to the products’ ability to be stored alongside other goods during the shipping process. Density refers to the item’s weight relative to its size. Items that require special handling will also be classified higher than other goods. When you work with a qualified trucking company in Houston, TX, you can rest easy knowing that they handle all of the classification concerns for you.

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