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The trucking industry makes it possible for companies to ship their finished products and raw goods across the North American continent. Trucking is a complex operation that requires a substantial amount of expertise and knowledge to be executed successfully. Different types of vehicles are required to transport goods, components and industrial supplies, depending on the size, volume and nature of the product you are hoping to move. Working with a qualified trucking company in Houston, TX is the best way to ensure that your goods or components are delivered to their intended destination promptly and professionally.

It’s important to know what type of trucking service you require before hiring a company to perform a service that you may not be in need of. Utilizing the wrong type of truck to deliver your goods can result in off-schedule deliveries, product loss or overpaying for shipping services. Here are just a few of the different truck types that you should keep in mind when reaching out to hire a trucking company in Houston, TX:

  • Flatbed trucks: These trucks are perfectly suited for carrying durable, oddly shaped or oversized loads. Flatbed trucks consist of a vehicular cab with a flat transportation surface behind it. Flatbeds are a cost-effective way to deliver large goods in a prompt manner. Work with a trucking company in Houston, TX that has lots of experience operating flatbeds to avoid product damage or loss.
  • Pickups: Pickup trucks are cheap and effective ways to transport smaller volumes of goods or industrial components. Some pickup trucks from trucking companies in Houston, TX, are equipped with pipe racks for ease and convenience. Because they are easier to maneuver than larger shipping options, pickup trucks can more easily make deliveries to hard-to-reach work sites and other similar areas.
  • 18-wheelers: For large loads, you will want to hire a trucking company in Houston, TX capable of dispatching an 18-wheeler! These large trucks are more expensive to operate than their smaller alternatives, but are well suited for delivering high-volume loads or exceedingly cumbersome components. Working with a company that can procure you an 18-wheeler is essential for moving many large-scale parts or goods.
  • Mini-floats: Many trucking companies in Houston, TX can equip their pickup trucks with mini-float trailers. These can make it easy to deliver higher volumes of goods or more cumbersome components without necessitating the extra expenses associated with a full-size 18-wheeler. Mini-floats are ideal for companies looking to move mid-size loads. Mini-floats are more energy efficient and cost-effective than an 18-wheeler.

Pro Delivery LLC has been the premier trucking company in Houston, TX since 1999. We offer a wide range of ground transportation options that can safely and promptly deliver all of your company’s goods and components. We are proud to maintain a diverse fleet of trucks capable of carrying consumer goods, industrial supplies, oil tools and other heavy-hauling gear. Contact one of our helpful and professional service representatives to receive a free estimate regarding the cost of shipping your goods or supplies.

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