What Are the Pros and Cons of Hot Shot Trucking?

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Have you ever heard of hot shot trucking? Below, a professional trucking company in Houston, TX will explain what it is, as well as the pros and cons this service offers.

What is hot shot trucking?

If someone is a freelance truck driver in the freight industry, then they are referred to as a hot shot trucker—it basically means being your own boss. Hot shot drivers are not employed by a trucking company in the traditional sense. What they do is transport goods for various companies and cargo carriers whenever they want work, and they do so without signing an obligation agreement.

There are many benefits of being a hot shot trucker. The greatest benefits are being the boss, getting to make you own work schedule and choosing the drive routes you want. Your driving classification allows you to pick up and deliver cargo, and most drivers choose the carriers they want to work for. Also, a hot shot trucker does not need to fill out or file paperwork, because the carrier company will complete all necessary paperwork for the driver.

In addition, a hot shot driver is not always required to have their own truck. While a driver can own their own work vehicle, some trucking carriers will provide freelancers a truck to deliver the cargo.

The pros of hot shot trucking

Benefits of hot shot trucking include:

  • The initial startup costs for new equipment and small business supplies are much lower than for a Class 8 long-haul company driver.
  • Since many loads are expedited by the carrier, the wait time to get a haul on the road is minimized.
  • If a trucker is serious about being a hot shot driver, they can find steady work. This leads to a good income. In many cases, the money is just as good or even better than most Class 8 pay.
  • Hot shot truckers tend to make load deliveries in the local area or within the region they reside in. Less distance to drive means these types of drivers can enjoy more time at home.

The cons of hot shot trucking

This approach does have its drawbacks, however. Some potential cons to consider include:

  • Like owning and running any small business, starting your own trucking business and being a hot shot trucker means you are fully responsible for all maintenance needs and costs.
  • Being your own boss in any industry doesn’t guarantee work. Hot shot drivers can be in demand one day and not needed the next.
  • Because you are your own boss, it’s your job to grow a client base. Making contact and doing good work for a carrier company can mean all the difference between regular trucking work and little to no work.

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