Flatbed Delivery in Houston, TX: When and How Should It Be Used?

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There are many types of freight options for you to choose from, but they are not all created equal. Certain types of cargo just don’t work in traditional freight trucks like box trailers. If you have cargo that is oversized or oddly shaped and can’t find a delivery service to meet your needs, consider using flatbed delivery in Houston, TX instead.

Flatbed delivery trucks offer you a host of new options for transporting cargo without the hassle of trying to fit everything in a box trailer. Flatbed delivery also gives you a number of options for protection and security of your cargo, ensuring that it will be delivered safely each and every time.

When to use flatbed delivery in Houston, TX

Flatbed delivery is best utilized for large, oversized or oddly dimensioned cargo loads that won’t fit inside a traditional box trailer. Some examples of these types of loads would be automobiles or construction equipment. However, you can use flatbed delivery for just about any type of load! Different types of flatbeds, like step-deck or lowboy trailers, can accommodate even larger or taller loads on the road.

Flatbeds are also extremely useful if you are tired of attempting to fit your load into a box trailer like a puzzle—flatbeds make organizing cargo much easier. Loading and unloading might also be easier when using a flatbed trailer, because you can pull things directly from the side of the truck. Additionally, flatbed delivery is great when either the loading or unloading point lacks an elevated dock from which to move the cargo onto and off of the truck.

However, flatbed delivery isn’t the best option in every situation. Don’t use flatbed shipping if you’re transporting delicate materials or if you’re shipping a lot of small or lightweight items. It is very likely that these types of items could fall off the truck and be damaged.

How to secure flatbed cargo

Cargo being delivered on flatbeds typically requires two types of protection: a protective covering and security.

If your cargo is uncovered or unwrapped, it will be exposed to the natural elements as well as animals and humans while being delivered. Thus, it might require a protective covering. If your cargo is shrink-wrapped, it is all set, since the wrapping will protect it. If it isn’t, it may need a heavy-duty vinyl tarp covering it so it won’t get damaged. There are special types of tarps made for specific types of cargo such as lumber, machinery and large coils.

Your load will also need to be secured to the trailer so it doesn’t fly off the truck during transit. In order to secure it, the delivery professionals will likely use nylon tension straps, strong bungee cords or steel chains to hold it in place on the flatbed.

They also may use lumber pieces to prevent the load from shifting. Delivery professionals also have their own tie-down techniques and will utilize strictly enforced inspections to ensure the safety of your cargo and the other vehicles on the road.

If you’re in need of flatbed delivery in Houston, TX, call Pro Delivery LLC! Our fleet of delivery trucks can handle a wide range of loads and freight of all sizes. For more than 18 years, we’ve offered our clients excellent service and reliable freight delivery.

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