How to Make Your Freight More Attractive to Carriers

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In today’s competitive transportation industry, shippers are constantly seeking ways to make their freight more appealing to carriers. Whether you’re a small business shipping products to customers or a large corporation moving goods across the country, attracting reliable carriers is essential for ensuring timely deliveries and maintaining a competitive edge. Here are some strategies to help make your freight more attractive to carriers and secure the transportation services you need.

Understand Carrier Preferences and Needs

The first step in making your freight more attractive to carriers is understanding what carriers value most in a shipment. By gaining insight into carrier preferences and needs, you can tailor your approach to better meet their requirements. Here are some key factors that carriers consider when evaluating freight:

1. Freight Volume and Consistency

Carriers prefer to work with shippers who can provide consistent volumes of freight on a regular basis. Offering predictable shipment volumes allows carriers to optimize their routes and maximize their efficiency, leading to increased profitability for both parties.

2. Freight Density and Cubic Capacity

Carriers are often looking to maximize the use of available space in their trucks. Freight that is dense and efficiently packaged allows carriers to transport more goods in each load, reducing their costs and increasing their revenue per mile.

3. Access to Equipment and Resources

Carriers value access to well-maintained equipment and resources that enable them to transport freight safely and efficiently. Shippers can make their freight more attractive to carriers by providing access to loading docks, forklifts, and other essential equipment.

Offer Competitive Rates and Terms

In addition to understanding carrier preferences, offering competitive rates and terms is essential for attracting carriers to your freight. While cost is an important consideration for carriers, it’s not the only factor they consider when evaluating shipments. Here are some tips for offering competitive rates and terms:

1. Negotiate Fair and Transparent Rates

Work with carriers to negotiate rates that are fair and transparent. Provide carriers with detailed information about your freight, including its weight, dimensions, and special handling requirements, to help them accurately assess the cost of transportation.

2. Provide Payment Terms That Benefit Carriers

Offer payment terms that benefit carriers, such as quick payment terms or incentives for early payment. Providing prompt and reliable payment helps build trust and fosters positive relationships with carriers, making them more likely to prioritize your freight.

3. Be Flexible and Accommodating

Flexibility is key when it comes to attracting carriers to your freight. Be willing to accommodate carriers’ scheduling preferences and adjust your operations to meet their needs whenever possible. This could include offering flexible pickup and delivery times or providing assistance with loading and unloading.

Communicate Clearly and Responsively

Effective communication is essential for building strong relationships with carriers and ensuring the smooth transportation of your freight. Clear and responsive communication helps carriers feel valued and appreciated, leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty. Here are some tips for communicating effectively with carriers:

1. Provide Accurate and Detailed Information

Give carriers all the information they need to transport your freight safely and efficiently. This includes providing accurate pickup and delivery addresses, contact information, and any special instructions or requirements for handling the shipment.

2. Keep Carriers Informed of Changes or Delays

If there are any changes or delays to your shipment, communicate this information to carriers as soon as possible. Keeping carriers informed allows them to adjust their schedules and make alternate arrangements if necessary, minimizing disruptions and delays.

3. Be Responsive to Inquiries and Requests

Respond promptly to carriers’ inquiries and requests for information. Make yourself available to address any questions or concerns they may have, and be proactive in resolving issues or addressing any challenges that arise during the transportation process.


Making your freight more attractive to carriers requires a combination of understanding carrier preferences, offering competitive rates and terms, and communicating effectively. By focusing on these key areas, you can attract reliable carriers to your freight and build long-lasting relationships that benefit both parties.

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