When to Hire a Flatbed Trucking Service

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A flatbed truck is often your best bet when you need to get a large load from one destination to another. Flatbed trailers are 53 feet long and 102 inches wide and don’t have walls or a roof. As long as the load is properly secured, you can transport pretty much anything and everything on a flatbed.

But some goods are better suited for flatbed trucking than others. Continue reading to learn more about residential and commercial flatbed trucking purposes:

  • Building materials: Lumber, scaffolding, concrete, brick and any other construction materials are typically moved on a flatbed truck. Flatbeds are the preferred trucks for these heavy materials because they can be easily loaded and unloaded with cranes.
  • Construction equipment: It’s technically possible to drive construction equipment to a jobsite—but that’s unsafe and even illegal in some areas. Instead, construction companies hire a flatbed trucking company to transport all of their equipment. You might also see heavy-duty military equipment being transported on a flatbed truck.
  • Scrap metal removal: Construction companies and contractors will typically bring in a flatbed truck if they need to remove scrap metal from a jobsite. Loading and unloading the metal is a breeze when you don’t have to worry about walls on a traditional trailer.
  • Mobile homes: It’s not uncommon to see a mobile home moving down the highway on a flatbed trailer. Because they’re so long and aren’t constrained by walls or a roof, flatbeds are the only trucks capable of moving a mobile home from one location to another.
  • Large moves: Flatbeds aren’t only good for hauling commercial materials or actual homes—we can also perform flatbed trucking for residential hauling if a customer is moving a ton of furniture or heavy items and doesn’t want to pay for a standard truck. Of course, the cargo will need to be tarped with these moves to prevent damage to belongings.

Benefits of flatbed trucking

There are many commercial flatbed trucking purposes because flatbeds have so many benefits over other types of trucks. Here are a few reasons customers hire flatbed trucking companies:

  • Reduced number of trips: The more cargo you can fit on one truck, the fewer trips you have to make. Fewer trips help save the customer a ton of time and quite a bit of money while still getting the same results.
  • Easier loading and unloading: Loading and unloading cargo is a breeze when it’s on a flatbed truck. Cranes are often brought in for heavier materials, but cargo on a flatbed can also be loaded and unloaded by hand.
  • Less maintenance: This one only applies to trucking companies, but there’s far less maintenance for flatbeds than other types of trailers. There’s no need to worry about cleaning out the corners of a flatbed trailer, and companies don’t have to pay to repaint roofs or walls over time.

We’re your go-to team for flatbed trucking needs

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