Residential vs. Commercial Shipping

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If you need residential or commercial shipping in Houston, TX, it’s important to understand the difference between the two. Residential freight deliveries have different costs and considerations than commercial deliveries. Following is a breakdown of the factors involved and the basics you need to know to understand residential and commercial shipping.

Residential shipping defined

Deliveries fall under residential shipping when they are delivered to a private residence or home. This may include some business deliveries, if a commercial operation takes place out of a home. This type of shipping typically includes a residential surcharge, so they often cost more than business shipments.

Commercial shipping defined

Commercial shipping includes any deliveries made to a business address. This could be a store, factory, farm, church, hospital or other type of business.


Shipping companies use three main factors to differentiate between residential freight deliveries in Houston, TX and commercial shipping:

  • Zoning: State and federal government zoning can affect how a shipping company designates an area. For example, if a property is located in an area designated by the government as an industry zone, the shipping company may classify the delivery as commercial, even if it would otherwise be residential.
  • Activity: Often, a shipping company categorizes an address based on what type of activity takes place at the location. If commercial activities occur there, then the company will designate the delivery as commercial.
  • Location: Some shipping companies base their commercial and residential classifications on the location of the property. If the area where the delivery takes place is filled with retail, it will be considered commercial. Likewise, if the delivery is taking place in a residential neighborhood, the company may classify it as residential, even if it is going to a business.


If you are researching commercial shipping in Houston, TX, you’ll probably notice right away that the pricing varies between residential and commercial deliveries. Typically, residential deliveries cost more. This is because residential deliveries usually involve more time and labor than commercial shipping.

While commercial shipments may be concentrated within a commercial area, residential deliveries are often more spread out. Residential deliveries also typically require the use of smaller or different styles of trucks, which requires the use of more vehicles, more drivers and more labor. Residences are also less likely to be set up for quick and simple receipt of deliveries, as a commercial location would be. Due to these complexities of residential freight deliveries in Houston, TX, shipping companies usually add a residential surcharge to the shipping fee.

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