Ask About These Safety Factors Before Hiring a Trucking Service

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Hiring a trucking service to deliver your goods is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Choosing the first company you find online can lead to major headaches like late delivery. An unqualified trucking service might also be an unsafe one, causing accidents on the road or even damaging your cargo.

This post will cover some of the top safety practices for truck drivers in Houston, TX, and what you should ask to ensure you’re working with a safe company:

  • Equipment upkeep: The first thing to ask your trucking company is what kind of maintenance they perform on their fleet vehicles and how often they do so. Reputable trucking companies should service every aspect of their trucks and trailers after each trip. This process ensures their fleet is safe and sound.
  • Inspections: In addition to performing basic maintenance, regular inspections should be performed to ensure the trucks are in tip-top shape. From the front bumper to the back door, be sure your trucking company performs 17-point inspections to ensure the trucks are safe.
  • Route plan: Make sure your driver knows which route they’re taking before they head out. Simply following the GPS directions without doing a little research beforehand can lead to accidents or delays along the way. Additionally, reading up on the route ahead of time can help speed up delivery.
  • Driver experience: In trucking, just like with any profession, the more experience, the better! Ask the trucking company how many years their drivers have been behind the wheel and if they have experience delivering your particular type of cargo.
  • Driver health: Reputable trucking companies should require their drivers to get annual physicals to ensure they’re in good health. After all, someone in poor health shouldn’t be in control of a multi-ton cargo load. Double-check that the company’s drivers have excellent health records.

Why choose Pro Delivery LLC?

It’s important to understand tips to ask about safety factors for truck drivers in Houston, TX. However, you don’t need to look any further than our team when you need to partner with a trucking service. These are a few reasons customers turn to us:

  • Safety guaranteed: Feel free to ask about any of these safety measures when you speak to our team. You can rest assured you’ll be satisfied with the measures we take to keep your cargo and everyone else on the road safe.
  • On-time delivery: Just because we’re safe doesn’t mean we don’t do our best to deliver cargo as quickly as possible. We perform all necessary research to ensure our drivers take the safest and fastest route to get your goods from point A to point B.
  • Fair pricing: There’s no need to worry about overpaying when you come to Pro Delivery LLC. We offer free estimates and the most competitive rates in town to ensure you don’t break the bank on shipping.

Regardless of what you need to transport or where it needs to go, we’re the best trucking service in town. Contact our team today to learn more truck safety tips in Houston, TX or to get a free estimate for any of our services.

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