What Does Inside Delivery Entail?

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If you’re a business owner in need of freight shipping services, it’s important that you closely investigate all of your options. Depending on what you’re shipping and the kind of preferences you or your customers have, you might want to add on some specialized services, such as inside delivery.

What is inside delivery in Houston, TX? This is a service you can add on for most freight shipments for an additional fee, and is particularly beneficial if you do not have a loading dock at the delivery site. The driver will instead carry the shipment into the delivery location for you.

Here’s a quick overview of what you should know about this service.

Residential inside delivery

If the freight is being delivered to a residential address like a house, apartment or condo, the carrier will move the pallet to the garage, driveway or porch. It should be noted that in these circumstances the driver will not carry the freight inside the home. In fact, carriers will have policies in place specifically prohibiting drivers from even attempting to do so.

The big reason for this is that it avoids liability. There’s always a chance a homeowner could call in and complain the driver caused some damage to the home during the course of delivery, or that he or she tracked mud into the home. And if any damage occurs to the freight itself inside the home, or if an accident occurs, there are additional liability issues the parties would have to navigate.

Therefore, all “inside delivery” services for residential shipping will actually be to an outdoor location that’s just more convenient than dropping it curbside or forcing the recipient to come out and grab it themselves from the truck.

Commercial inside delivery

If the shipper is delivering to a business, this usually means the shipment will be left right inside the front door, just a few feet from the main entrance. If the freight needs to be delivered to a specific spot in the interior of the building, the carrier may do so, carrying it to the outside of a specific room or taking it up an elevator or staircase. In such circumstances, however, you can expect to pay more for the delivery.

You should keep in mind that drivers will not break down freight just for the purpose of moving it through the doors. This means if you have particularly sizable freight that’s too large for an entryway, you’re probably not going to be able to benefit from inside delivery services. Drivers will also not take any other extraordinary measures to deliver the freight, such as driving down particularly long or winding driveways, or going somewhere that is unsafe for the delivery equipment to maneuver through. You should consider whether any of these circumstances will apply before scheduling inside delivery service so you do not waste your money on something that cannot be done.

For more information about what inside delivery is and when it’s beneficial, contact Pro Delivery LLC, your trusted trucking company in Houston, TX, today.

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