How to Prepare for Heavy Haul Shipping

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The term “heavy haul shipping” in the world of freight refers to a type of shipment in which you’re carrying loads that are unusually large and/or wide, exceeding the typical guidelines that are set for width, height, length or weight. In this type of shipping, there are special permits you must take out to be able to transport the load, and special types of equipment you must use to be able to haul it safely to its final destination.

The nature of this type of shipping can make it a bit stressful, but there are some steps you can take to prepare for heavy haul shipping to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Here’s a quick overview of some heavy load hauling shipping tips in Houston, TX:

  • Find the right shipping partner: Working with the right trucking company will help you keep your mind at ease throughout the shipping process. You’ll want to work with a company that has significant experience in heavy hauling—it’s not enough that they can do it, they actually have to do it regularly.
  • Nail down your dimensions: As soon as possible, get the exact dimensions you’re working with, including length, width, height and weight. All of this information will dictate the kinds of permits you’ll need for transporting the shipment. Even a couple inches here and there can make a difference with regard to the route you take, the permit you need and the cost of the shipping. If you take out a permit and the dimensions are changed, you’ll need to get a new permit, which can add to the cost of the shipping.
  • Special requirements: Are there any special requirements for the shipment? You might need some assistance with bracing, tarping or tying down. Or, if the load is fragile, you might need to figure out the best way of securing it.
  • Confirm your permits: Your trucking company should take care of any permits you need to complete the shipment. However, it’s important for you to follow up with the trucking company so you can be sure the permits are in order and to get a copy of them yourself so you can analyze them carefully.
  • Plan ahead: Sometimes it can take weeks for you to feel completely ready with your heavy haul shipment. Take the time you need to plan out the exact route you’ll take and all the safety measures you’ll need to implement to feel comfortable with the job.
  • Expect the unexpected: There are always going to be unexpected issues that arise when you’re shipping even standard goods and cargo. You might need support vehicles, such as pilot or chase cars. You should also carefully investigate whether there are any states or counties that have different permitting requirements, and plan around that. There might be unexpected construction zones in certain areas, or the weather might take a turn for the worse. Plan contingencies for all these types of scenarios.

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