Top Issues for LTL Shipping Companies in Houston, TX in 2019

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Each industry faces unique challenges as technology, economics and politics shape the market’s landscape. LTL shipping in Houston, TX is no exception. Two issues in particular are drastically changing the field of shipping.

These top issues affect every freight company in Houston, TX and across the nation. They have become major topics of concern in 2019 and will most likely continue to affect the dynamics of the trucking industry for years to come. These issues are the ELD mandate and a shortage of drivers.

The ELD Mandate

The electronic logging device (ELD) mandate was passed in 2015 and went into full effect at the end of 2017. This new law drastically changed the regulations and capabilities of the trucking industry.

The ELD mandate requires all nationwide freight companies in Houston, TX to use electronic logging devices in their shipping vehicles. These devices record data to verify that drivers are compliant with regulation requirements for travel and rest times.

Specifically, the ELD mandate guidelines include:

  • Maximum driving shifts of 11 hours
  • Required 10 consecutive hours off the job between driving shifts
  • Required breaks during driving shifts
  • Required eight-hour nap/break after each driving shift
  • Maximum 60 hours of driving time when driving seven or more days in a row

While this mandate is designed to promote safety and health, it places major restrictions on the productivity of shipping companies in Houston, TX. With these limitations, drivers are forced to stay off the road rather than put in extra hours to reduce delivery times or make more money. Adhering to these requirements is putting a strain on the entire trucking industry.

Driver Shortage

Far fewer truck drivers are available than there have been in the past. To meet current demands, it is estimated that more than 50,000 additional drivers are needed. The American Trucking Association believes this problem will only continue to worsen as current drivers retire. By 2020, the industry may be short by as many as 150,000 drivers.

If this trend does not change, the shortage could cripple the trucking industry. LTL shipping in Houston, TX must seek solutions to this issue in order to survive. Increased pay rates and incentives to new drivers are a proposed solution, but these must be balanced with cost and other budgeting issues. Companies must be able to attract drivers but also afford to pay them.

Freight companies in Houston, TX and across the nation are working hard to meet these new demands of the industry. As innovations and workforce numbers continue to change, so do LTL carriers in Houston, TX.

Working Toward the Future

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