The Difference Between Expedited Freight and Hot Shot Trucking in Houston, TX

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Getting goods from point A to point B is big business across the United States. We always want our things to reach their destination as quickly as possible. But there are some scenarios in which items absolutely must arrive both on time and undamaged. When that’s the case, companies often choose to either use expedited freight or a hot shot trucking service. Both forms of delivery will get your goods where they need to go as soon as possible, but they’re not the same. Continue reading to learn the difference between the two services and why you should always rely on Pro Delivery LLC for hot shot trucking in Houston, TX.

The biggest difference between hot shot trucking and expedited freight is the size of the trucks carrying the goods. Expedited freight uses vans or straight trucks to get items where they need to be. Hot shot trucking, on the other hand, uses one-ton or medium-duty trucks to pull trailers filled with time-sensitive items. All of the medium-duty trucks in our fleet are equipped with attachments that allow us to effectively haul any size load. Regardless of what you need to ship, you can trust that our truck drivers at Pro Delivery LLC will get your goods to their destination on time and under budget.

Advantages of hot shot trucking

You don’t have to be in the truck driving industry to understand that hot shot trucking in Houston, TX offers a number of advantages. After all, if hot shot trucking weren’t an effective delivery method, companies and individuals wouldn’t use it! Here are some of the benefits:

  • Fast delivery: First off, the number one advantage of hot shot trucking is guaranteed fast delivery. Hot shot drivers know that they’re hauling their goods on a tight schedule, so you can count on them to deliver your items on or before the deadline. Nothing will stop us from getting your items where they need to go!
  • Smaller loads: If you’re trying to ship time sensitive equipment or materials, you can’t wait around to fill a huge semi truck with other goods. You need one smaller truck to get your goods out of the door and to their destination. That’s exactly what you get with hot shot trucking. Our fleet of smaller trucks is on call around the clock to ship your equipment.
  • On-call drivers: Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to have trucks on call if there’s nobody around to drive them! We employ a team of over 50 drivers who are available to deliver your goods 24 hours a day.
  • Save money: You can actually save money using hot shot trucking. Since we’re dealing with smaller loads, there isn’t as much overhead to cover. Give us a call today to get a quote for your next delivery. We guarantee you won’t find a better deal for all of your trucking needs.

When you need your goods to be somewhere as quickly as possible, be sure to choose Pro Delivery LLC for hot shot trucking in Houston, TX. We have a long track record of providing fast service for all of our clients. You can rest easy at night knowing that all of your goods will arrive on time or ahead of schedule.

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